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DTU Holds Seminar on LC/MS

On June 18th, the DTU Center for Research and Development held a seminar entitled: “Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer Applications”. Mr. Phan Kim Pham, a Vietnamese-American expert from Agilent Technologies in the USA, gave a presentation to lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.
 Mr. Phan Kim Pham presents his research at the seminar
The accuracy of analyzing a chemical substance from a mixture and defining molecular mass using LC/MS applications become driving force in the testing of food quality and in many other fields. At the seminar, Mr. Pham explained the operational principles of LC/MS and their applications in fields such as Bio-technology, Agricultural Chemistry, Medicine and Toxicology.
 Lecturers and students from the DTU Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
Mr. Pham said: "Studies suggest that besides environmental factors, smoking, family history, and others, the long-term consumption of large amounts of contaminated food causes a variety of diseases, some of which are incurable. LC/MS plays an important role in detecting threats to the food supply and in broadening our understanding of potentially harmful contaminants. The technology has been applied in research on natural substances and in bio-technology and has provided useful results in laboratories in Vietnam and abroad."
Presently, Duy Tan University is using LC/MS in Molecular Biology, and Medical and Pharmaceutical research. The seminar provided an excellent opportunity for those who study Molecular Biology at DTU to learn about the latest developments in their field, thanks to Agilent Technologies, who also contributed to improving the quality of education and research at DTU.

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