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Associate Professor Ta Duc Thinh Visits DTU

At the “Scientific and Industrial Seminar” organized at DTU on August 30th, Dr. Ta Duc Thinh, Director of the Department of Science, Technology and the Environment in the Ministry of Education and Training stated: “DTU continues to publish research papers in international ISI journals, while some other private and public universities do not. With a lead in the private sector in research, now recognized by the government, DTU will develop even further, when it manages to integrate a quality education with basic research. The projects that DTU recently received funding for reflect the changing nature of research at DTU.”
Dr. Ta Duc Thinh speaks at the seminar
Dr. Thinh shared his dedication to the promotion of quality scientific research for international publication. A university cannot separate education and research into two separate missions. So the government encourages scientists and lecturers of all universities, including DTU, to propose research ideas which are compatible with their teaching to improve educational quality and to set higher academic standards.
He highlighted the research achievements of Professor Dr. Vu Xuan Quang, Director of the DTU Center for Research and Development. He praised the university for recently producing more highly qualified local workers and for focusing its brainpower to boost inspiring new research projects.

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, a lecturer in the DTU Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology, shares some concerns with Mr. Ta Duc Thinh

More than 30 PhDs from established international institutions in the USA, Russia, Germany, Canada, Korea, Belgium and elsewhere have joined the DTU Center for Research and Development, jump-starting research activities and achieving more recognition in international publications, year-by-year. The number of papers published increases year-by-year, including several excellent projects published in ISI journals. In 2010-2011, DTU had just 17 research published in journals and at conferences but by 2013-2014 this number had risen to 70, including 72 ISI articles from 2011 to now. The university’s Journal of Science and Technology has also become a forum for the exchange of academic research around the country.
In addition, DTU is the only private institution to have obtained a ministerial research grant in Information Technology. DTU researchers are also conducting six Nafosted-funded projects in Electricity and Electronics, Biology, Pharmacology, Physics and Optics, as well some international research partnerships with institutions in the UK, the USA and Germany.
Research interest in fields that previously focused primarily on education has been revived. These include recent successes in the Faculty of Pharmacology. Dr. Nguyen Nhan Duc, Dean of the Faculty and former long-time Dean of the Department of Medicine and Pharmacology at Hue University, leading a team of DTU Biology and Pharmacology researchers has discovered a way of eradicating the growth of Convolvulus on Cham Island, which was a major concern of the Hoi An People’s Committee. At the 17th Vietnamese Medicine and Pharmacology Conference, DTU researchers were awarded second and third prizes for new discoveries in the synthetic biology of active medical pharmaceutical substances with practical applications.
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, warmly welcomed Mr. Ta Duc Thinh to Duy Tan University and said: “DTU is delighted to welcome Dr. Thinh to our university just in time for our upcoming 20th anniversary. The recognition and encouragement of the Department Director motivates our staff and lecturers to persevere in their academic research to provide us with a strong local workforce. These 20 years have been turbulent and arduous, but the whole-hearted support of Ministries, Danang, the Department of Science, Technology and the Environment, leading researchers in Vietnam and abroad, together with the dedication and passion of our staff and lecturers has helped DTU to achieve great success. At DTU, education and research are two missions being developed in parallel, steadily integrating with each other to provide graduates of the highest quality. DTU’s scientists and also several of its lecturers are being published in international ISI journals. In 2014, several of DTU’s research projects with high practical applicability are being planned and developed. These positive steps in research and educational quality have established a solid foundation, leading the university in exciting new directions.”
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