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Deputy Minister of Health visits DTU

On April 24th, a delegation from the Ministry of Health, led by Professor Le Quang Cuong, Deputy Minister of Health, held a meeting at DTU. Attendees included staff from the Danang Department of Education and Training, the Department of Health, and lecturers from the DTU Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing Faculties. 
Professor Le Quang Cuong addresses the meeting 

After touring the DTU campuses, Professor Cuong, said: “Over 20 years of development, DTU has become the first and largest private university in the Central Region of Vietnam. With its modern facilities and highly-qualified staff, DTU has made remarkable progress in educational development and innovation, which has brought them much success. I am very happy to see my old teachers, Mr. Le Van Truyen, former Deputy Minister of Health, and Professor Le Duc Hinh, former President of the Vietnam Mental Health Association. Recently, the market economy has focused more on medical care and the community has paid more attention to medical ethics. We should now focus on the remaining issues. Resolution No. 8, concerning the comprehensive innovation in education and training, especially in the health industry, will help improve teaching methods. Quality-based training improves the supply of better-qualified doctors and nurses.”
Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh reports on the operations of the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculties 
Associate Professor Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, briefly overviewed teaching methods at DTU in general and in the Medicine and Pharmacy Faculties in particular. Attendees liked his report. Mr. Le Van Truyen, who also works in Pharmacy, confirmed that this was the strategic orientation that DTU should adopt. DTU must invest in medicine and pharmacy training to improve the quality of human resources to satisfy the increasing demands of Central Vietnam and elsewhere. Doctor Tran Thi Hoa Ban, Vice-Director of the Danang Department of Health congratulated DTU on its achievements. DTU’s early successes in medicine and pharmacy training are timely met local needs. Studying in a modern environment helped DTU pharmacy students enhance knowledge and skills. 
Professor Le Quang Cuong visits the DTU Pharmacy Faculty 

At the event, Mr. Le Trung Chinh, Director of the Danang Department of Education and Training, said: “DTU has made good progress in improving the quality of education by supplying the community with highly-qualified graduates. At DTU, students have the opportunity to study with Vietnamese and with foreign teachers from developed countries, which broadens their experience.”

Distinguished teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Provost and President said: “This is an important meeting, coinciding with 20th anniversary of our founding. As the first private university in the Central Region, DTU has made steady progress in education and training and achieved the recognition of our community. Over those past twenty years, DTU has built a sound foundation. Over the next twenty, our future development will depend on the dedication and hard work of all our DTU staff and lecturers. The DTU Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy are newly-established, so we hope to receive the support and guidance from local government to develop and supply highly-trained workers for the community.”

The visit by delegates of the Ministry of Health confirmed the quality and prestige of a DTU education, which warrants top level officials to assist further in the development of these faculties. Their encouragement so far has motivated the DTU faculty and staff to work harder for the development of DTU.”
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