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Duy Tan Dream

Pursuing the Duy Tan Dream

The Board of Trustees welcomed in the Lunar New Year with beautiful music and red envelopes for faculty and staff containing “lucky money”, creating a happy and friendly atmosphere on the first day back after the Tet holiday.

They will all dedicate themselves to pursuing the “Duy Tan Dream - Let’s Broaden Our Intellect for a Brighter Future”, in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary the founding of DTU.

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co delivers speech at the Ceremony
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, gave his warm wishes to the entire DTU faculty and staff who have been working very for the future prospects of DTU. He said: "Long wars have had strong influence on the development of Vietnam in the age of global integration. However, war has helped us to realize that our spirits can overcome feelings of hatred to build partnerships with countries that used to be our enemies and to make us appreciate how to take advantage of our knowledge and intelligence to boost our country’s social and economic development. The comprehensive advancements in all fields, including education, have lifted Vietnam to new heights. Over the past 19 years, DTU has worked hard to overcome numerous obstacles and challenges and is now the first and largest private university in the Central Region of Vietnam. DTU is now widely recognized by the community society for its quality and innovation. We accept these initial, significant achievements with pride, and with the strength and responsibility to make sustained efforts in the further development of DTU over the next 20 years. As you know, we all pass away someday, so, beforehand, we should do our best to improve our lives. With the words 'Leaving the Homeland with a sincere heart', I mean that we should all work very closely together to develop DTU as a university of the people."
A beautiful dance performed by DTU staff
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co emphasized the need to focus on key DTU issues. The DTU faculty and staff need strive to reach a level where they can be relied on to work compassionately as true, highly-qualified professionals, with the ability and flexibility to perform well in any working environment, both nationwide and worldwide, while understanding how to share their responsibilities in the local community. More than ever, the expectation of DTU President is to build an educational and research university with intelligence, humanity, and perfection.

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