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DTU Holds an International Conference on Spectroscopy and Applications

In collaboration with Horiba Jobin-Yvon, the Ecole Centrale de Paris and the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche, all from France, DTU held the “International Conference on Spectroscopy and Applications”. The meeting enabled national and foreign scientists to exchange ideas and promote cooperation between them. More than twenty professors from France, Japan, India, Germany, the U.S, China, Russia, Italy, Korea and fifty Vietnamese researchers participated in the event. Their objective was to enhance the practical applications of Spectroscopy for use in our daily lives.
 Dr. Vo Duy Khuong delivers a speech at the Conference
Dr. Vo Duy Khuong, Standing Vice-Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, welcomed participants and spoke highly of the remarkable achievements of DTU over the years. He said: ”Danang is the center of the economy, culture, education, science and technology in the Central Region of Vietnam. Recently, Danang has given top priority to developing the study of Science and Technology, including Material Sciences. The local government has constructed the Danang Hi-Tech Park to attract worldwide investment to boost the local economy. Duy Tan University has become a key provider of highly-qualified human resources for local business. The university has been conducting a much research in various fields, including Spectroscopy, which is appropriate to the development strategy of the city. I highly appreciate what DTU has achieved and commit to supporting DTU in the future. This event has created an excellent opportunity for scientists to exchange ideas and discuss current research activities into Spectroscopy. Hopefully, the findings of this conference can be applied to the research taking place at the Danang Hi-Tech Park in the near future.”
A large number of scientists, both national and international, attend the Conference

Strengthening international collaboration and promoting research in science and technology is a strategy that DTU has recently implemented. Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Provost and President, said: ”This conference is a get-together for the world’s leading scientists of Spectroscopy to review the importance and effectiveness of previous research as well as to put forward sustainable strategies to promote future Spectroscopy research. I hope that you will provide us with the latest information to assist in the development of education at DTU even further. As well as the academic importance of our meeting, the International Conference on Spectroscopy and Applications also strongly supports the enhancement of education and research at DTU. I hope this conference will mark a turning-point for DTU as we strive to achieve more and more in education and research in celebration of our twentieth anniversary.”

The four-day International Conference on Spectroscopy and Applications was an opportunity for scientists to discuss and exchange research findings in the field of Spectroscopy, including Spectroscopy in Nanomaterials, Quantum Information, Spectroscopy in Biosciences, Spectroscopy in Pharmaceuticals, Spectroscopy applied to the Environment, Spectroscopy applied to Archeology, Thermoluminescence and Dosimetry Technology, Chemometrics and new developments in Optical Instrumentation. The meeting was also an opportunity for postgraduate students of Spectroscopy Physics to learn about this specialized topic.
Professor Dr. Masayuki Nogami of the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, who has made significant contributions to Spectroscopy research, expressed his appreciation to DTU for organizing the international conference, because of the increasing impact that Spectroscopy research will have in our daily lives. ”The importance of this conference is significant and has created a vital connection between Vienamese scientists and the international scientific community. The conference has also provided young Vietnamese scientists with a great opportunity to exchange new ideas and state-of-the-art research information with the world’s leading scientists. I am happy that the academic papers presented at the conference are of such high quality and focus on practical applications. At the moment, I am cooperating with the DTU Center for Research and Development to conduct two important pieces of research in Spectroscopy and Material Science. Hopefully, the results of this collaborative project will significantly contribute to improving the quality of education and research at DTU”, said Dr. Nogami.
At its conclusion, the conference had provided a forum for future collaboration in education and research, so that DTU will now be able to successfully promote its own research into Spectroscopy and many other new fields. The conference will allow DTU to practically reach its goal of linking research with experimentation, making use of the applications of Spectroscopy to improve the standard of living as well as to boost the development of our economy in the modern age.
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