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Three First Prizes for DTU in the 2012 Student Architecture Festival

On May 13, the 2012 Student Architecture Festival ended at the Danang University of Technology. DTU students won three first prizes in the three sections comprising “Installation Art”, “Placard” and “Mini-Soccer”, as well as one second prize for “Architectural Student” and one third prize for the three sections of “Fast Design”.

The Student Architecture Festival is held every two years by the Vietnam Architects’ Group, in conjunction with national colleges and universities teaching architecture. With the theme “Urban Architecture during Climate Change”, the eighth festival attracted four hundred participants from fifteen universities nationwide.
The DTU delegation at the competition
Second-year to fifth-year students competed in different contests such as “Fast Design”, “Installation Art”, “Sketch-Placard”, “Presentation”, so on. This professional seminar, with its sports and musical events aims to strengthen friendships and to prepare students for careers in architecture.
DTU students, dressed in white, win receive first prize diplomas

Twenty-nine DTU students collaborated with the host team from the Danang University of Technology to introduce the historic architecture of Danang and Quang Nam Province to students from other cities. DTU students were represented in most of the “Ant” teams in the competition. The team “Yellow Ant”, which had the most DTU students, won in all contests.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong, a DTU student said: “I was very surprised when my team “Yellow Ant”  won three first prizes. We tried our best and were very happy with the result. In addition to the awards, we were really happy to make friends with other architecture students who share the same passion as us.”

At the end of the festival, all students enjoyed music around the camp-fire, thanks to the hospitality of their hosts. The next Student Architecture Festival will be held in 2014 in Binh Duong Province.
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