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English Club at Duy Tan University

On Sunday May 4th 2009, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, in association with the Anh Viet Foreign Language Centre (AVFLC), organized an English Club, with the objective of creating a dynamic environment for learning and practicing English.

Over one hundred DTU students and teachers participated, together with Ms Bui Thi Chanh, Dean of the faculty and two foreign staff members from AVFLC.

To start with, two students from the Faculty of Business Administration & Accounting Faculty gave an interesting presentation on Danang which was greatly enjoyed by all.

The most exciting component of the program consisted of a series of games. The game “ Guess the Word” was much appreciated by the participants. Another game, called ”Guess the Song” was also well received. Some students joined in the singing, and were applauded by the others.

Students also had opportunity to interact with the foreign guests, who were happy to answer their questions. Most of the questions focused primarily on how to learn English most effectively and the good advice they received was much appreciated.

Finally an AVFLC representative awarded two scholarships, worth 1.5m VND each, to Nguyen Thi Tuyen of Business Administration and Bui Thi Cong Thy of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The club will be held monthly and it is hoped that it will offer a good opportunity for students to build up their confidence and enhance their English communication skills. It will also be the perfect place for students throughout the university to meet and share their experiences learning English.

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