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Duy Tan University paticipated in the Competition of Robocon 2008

With the aim to create awareness among students on the development and progress of science and technology.In the morning of April 5th, 2008, Duy Tan University took part in the competition of Robocon 2008 held at Danang University of Technology.

The competition included 20 teams:16 ones are from Danang University, 3 ones are from College of Technology and one from Duy Tan University.

Each team comprises of threes members and their instructor. Only the three students are permitted to enter the Game Field. During
the competiton, the competition between DTU and BKC4 as well as BKG5 gave the good impression to the audiences with their efforts and determination.

DTU teams was declared winner in the fist two rounds and attributed the team’s victory buy using of new technology in their robots.

Team leader, student Hoang Nhat, Duy Tan University revealed that teamwork among the three members was a key factor of their success.

The competition ended and and the results is that DTU got the second prize victory for the first time they paricipated in the competition.

The competition was a good chance for Duy Tan University to introduce their new technology in their robots.In addition, it helped facilitate the university’s access to the lastest information on IT.