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Duy Tan University participated in “Conference and Exhibition on Information Technology Applications in Educating and Training”

Advocating the guidelines “Academic year of Information Technology Applications” drawn by the Ministry of Education, in the morning of 2nd April 2009, Duy Tan University participated in “Conference and Exhibition on Information Technology Applications in Education and Training” hold by Quangtri Teaching College . Attending at the conference were the representatives of more than 20 local and international Universities, organizations such as : AMD Vietnam, VNPT Quang Tri and UBRU University in Thai Lan.

In the exhibition, Mr. Vo Van Luong-Director of Center of Software Engineering (CSE) of Duy Tan University presented some typical and useful softwares which have been applied very effectively such as: E-library software, Credits Management System software, Timekeeping and Personnel Management software, website systems of Duy Tan University, etc. These products were given a lot of admirations and appreciations from guests, visitors as well as the experts.
After the performance of “superman” robot displayed by UBRU University of Thai Lan, Mr. Vo Van Luong and Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tuan- Acting Director of Center of Electronic Engineer (CEE) showed a performance by using Aibo robot. This is a biological robot that can be controlled by voices and pictures. It has sensations like a normal dog. This was such an impressive performance that received a big round of applause from most of the viewers.  

Also at the conference, Mr Vo Van Luong joined the discussion about “Experiences in the changing process of training model from yearly system into credit system”. The content of the discussion included: human resources, training programs, effective methods in training, etc. These valuable experiences were sum up from its results in applying training program by credits to Duy Tan University in recent years.

This activity also showed a positive spirit of Duy Tan University in following the guidelines drawn by the Ministry of Education as well as positioned itself as a hub of educational excellence in Central Vietnam particularly and in Vietnam generally.

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