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Duy Tan University held a general meeting

In order to prepare for the university entrance examination 2009, external evaluation by MOET, and graduation examination 2009, on 5th April 2009, at the Hall K7/25 Quang Trung, Duy Tan University held the general meeting led by Mr Le Cong Co - President of Board of Management & Acting Rector. Attending the meeting included the staff, lecturers in the whole university.

Opening the meeting was the report by Mr Vo Thanh Hai - Vice Rector of Duy Tan university about the enrollment issues in 2009. As per the report, enrollment issues this year will encounter trials of various kinds due to the global economic crisis and the high competition with universities in the region and in the country.

Next, Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung - Head of Quality Verification Deparment reported the DTU’s preparation for external evaluation by the MOET in the next time. This activity is to affirm the quality, prestige, and brandname of the Duy Tan University at present and in the future as well.

In terms of the graduation examination for the senior students, Mr Le Cong Co stated: “The lecturers need to recheck the study topic in order not to repeat the previous ones, widely announce the topics to the lecturers and students on the Website, encourage students to do graduation research papers in English. Also, the exam questions must be relevant to the learning program of students."

To end the meeting, Mr Le Cong Co emphasized “We must create the long-term stable position to develop”. Through the meeting, the staff and lecturers of the university had chance to understand more about the development trend of the university in the future. Simultaneously, this was also a good chance for the whole staff and the lecturers to meet, exchange and intensify the solidarity among DTU’ s staff.
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