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Career Opportunities at Marriott International Hotels and Resorts

November 29,2017

On December 7th, representatives of Marriott International Hotels and Resorts met with DTU students majoring in Tourism to introduce them to the internship opportunities at Marriott International...

The DTU Internet of Things Design and Implementation Grand Final

May 3,2019

The judge awarded first prize to the project “Applying IoT technology to sericulture”, developed by students of Electrical Engineering. Second prize was awarded to projects “Applying IoT technology to smart clean vegetable garden” and “An additional lighting system to smart garden using LED lamps”, also by Electrical Engineering students...

DTU Wins First, Second and Third Prizes at Startup Contests

January 20,2020

DTU is stirring up the entrepreneurial spirit amongst its students with the introduction of new Career Orientation and Entrepreneurship programs, together with new startup contests university-wide, which have already resulted in the development of several interesting and useful products. DTU has also signed up for some startup contests organized by the Danang government...