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DTU Participates the Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference

October 22,2015

From October 15th to 17th, the Quang Trung Software Company and the Ho Chi Minh City Computer Association hosted the 2015 Vietnam IT Outsourcing Conference (VNITO 2015)

DTU Students Come 6th in Vietnam at the 2015 WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global Challenge

October 22,2015

The Qualification Round of the 2015 WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global Challenge, organized by BKAV, took place on October 24th and 25th, with 467 teams from 67 countries participating...

DTU Wins the Regional Qualifying Round of the 2015 Student Information Security Competition

November 8,2015

On November 6th, the qualifying round of the Central Region 2015 Student Information Security competition was held for the first time in Danang, at Duy Tan University...

Workshop: "Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics"

November 22,2015

As a part of the 3rd World Tourism Conference and 17th International Joint World Cultural Tourism Conference jointly hosted by Duy Tan University and World Cultural Tourism Association...

The Opening of the DTU High School Practice Test Website

March 14,2016

On March 13th, the DTU Admissions and Media Center held a meeting to introduce the complimentary High School Practice Tests website, at http://luyenthi.duytan.edu.vn ...

DTU Students Win the 2016 National Go-Green-In-The-City Championship

May 23,2016

DTU won the 2016 National Go-Green-In-The-City Championship, which took place on May 19th and 20th at Schneider Electric Vietnam. They won 20 million vnd...

“The 3rd Science and Technology Forum” at DTU

August 29,2016

On August 28th, the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, of the Ministry of Science and Technology, teamed up with DTU to organize the 3rd Science and Technology Forum...

DTU Finishes Ninth in the Twelfth Cyber-Security WhiteHat Contest

September 25,2016

The ISIT-DTU team scored 2,000 points and came 9th in the 12th Cyber-Security WhiteHat Contest, which took place on September 10th and 11th. They held their own against...

"Making Strategic Planning Real": A Workshop that Focuses on Hospitality & Tourism

September 29,2016

On October 10th, the DTU Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism and Uniterra held a workshop entitled "Making Strategic Planning Real": A Workshop that Focuses...

Enrolment in DTU eUniversity Bachelor’s Degree Program

October 16,2016

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree is an important way to guarantee a good job in the future but, because of financial difficulties and limited time, many people must forgo higher education...