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A New Plan to Invest in the Improvement of Mathematics Programs at DTU

September 7,2012

On September 6th, faculty members of the DTU Department of Natural Sciences, Research and Development held a workshop with Professor H. Osaka from Ritsumeikan University...

The 2013 DTU Robocon Team Strives for Victory

February 4,2013

Having developed a great interest in robots and a strong will to win, DTU students are once again devoting themselves to studying and, at the same time, creating even better robots...

November 16,2012

December 7,2012

January 10,2013

Opening Ceremony of DTU’s e-Learning Course in Danang

March 4,2013

The DTU e-Learning Center held an opening ceremony for the X19 e-Learning Course on March 3rd. This special DTU academic program allows students from all over Vietnam to earn their...

Tran Thien Vu - “Opportunity Will Always Come To Those Pursuing Their Passions”

May 8,2013

Our first impression of Mr. Tran Thien Vu in the interview was his confidence and friendly voice. He will be the only DTU representative to participate in the Global...

May 12,2013

DTU Robocon Teams Come Closer to Winning the 2013 Robocon Championship

May 12,2013

It is not surprising that both DTU Robocon teams, DTU-TITAN and DTU-POLLUX overwhelmed strong competition in the final round of 16 to enter the national finals. Their consistency and strength have demonstrated themselves in every performance so far. The spectators at the Tien Son Sports and Entertainment Complex continuously cheered for spectacular wins by the two teams.   The 2013 Robocon Final became more and more popular as the as the teams come nearer to May 11th, the day of the...

The DTU Robocon Wins the Best Hand-Controlled and Automatic Robot Prizes

May 13,2013

The final rounds and the awards ceremony of the 2013 Vietnam Robocon Contest took place in the Danang Tien Son Sports Stadium on the evening of May 12th. The organizers...