English for Hospitality & Tourism

English for Hospitality

Danang welcomes millions of foreign visitors every year, creating more and more sought-after jobs for English language graduates in order to satisfy the overwhelming local demand.
Duration: 4 years:
Training program
- Courses teach the special English vocabulary used in kitchens, restaurants, hotels and tourism activities, Anglo-American culture and literature and allied translation and interpretation services. 
- Courses provide expert professional knowledge on how to become a Tour Guide, Receptionist, Waiter, Travel Agent, Human Resources Manager and so on.
Working skills
Graduates will be able to:
- Provide information on Vietnamese tourism, food, restaurants and hotels to foreign visitors. 
Speak fluent English.
- Understand English documentation.
- Attend international meetings.
- Translate and interpret on tours, in restaurants and in hotels. 
- Master Receptionist skills at hotels and other companies.
Career prospects
- Receptionist or manager at hotels and resorts.
- English-speaking Tour Guide.
- Executive Assistant in hotels and restaurants. 
- Marketing specialists in tourism projects.
- Tour sales and operators. 
Academic Programs


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