Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

The Finance & Banking major provides teaches students about financial transaction services, currency administration and domestic and international payment instruments. 
DTU’s eUniversity Finance & Banking has become increasingly attractive because of its flexibility, value for money and duration. 
- Students who have completed a general secondary education: 4 years
- Students with a Vocational High School diploma: 2.5 years
- Students with an Associated Bachelor’s degree in a different major: 2.5 years
- Students with an Associated Bachelor’s degree in the same major: 2 years
- Students who already have a university diploma: 2 years
Training program
- Students mainly study over the internet, and also through CDs, DVDs, training, internships and participation in the inspirational SecondLife 3D virtual-reality activity.
- Students complete and submit exercises and practice multiple-choice tests through the eLearning question bank.
- Students self-study at home through the eLearning system ( DTU lecturers, academic advisors, technical support staff  are always online to answer questions, reply within 24 to 48 hours and monitor their progress.
- Exams and additional tests can be reviewed and re-taken using the e-University question bank system.
Working skills
- Have a comprehensive knowledge of commercial banking operations and non-bank intermediary financial institutions, of the workings of the securities market, of state sector financial activities, of international finance, and of business finance.
- Have a thorough grasp of the structure, operations, and management of financial systems in a market economy.
- Be able to analyze, synthesize, and comprehensively assess economic and financial issues on large and small scales.
Career prospects
- Specialist in all positions at government management agencies in finance and banking from the national to the local level
- Finance and accounting specialist in businesses and financial organizations
- Lecturer or researcher at institutes or universities, or consultant at other financial organizations.


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