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Faculty of English Students Enthusiastic Over “Road to Success” Event

On April 24, the students of the Faculty of English of the DTU School of Foreign Languages took part in an interesting and meaningful exchange meeting with businesspeople through the program “Road to Success”. The information and heart-felt advice from the businesspeople will be a compass helping the students find the right orientation to conquer their dreams and make their own success.
Mr Tran Luc, Vice Branch-Manager of Saigon Tourist Tourism & Hospitality Services SM LLC in Danang, sharing his experience at the event
The event was attended by Mr Tran Luc, Vice Branch-Manager of Saigon Tourist Tourism & Hospitality Services SM LLC in Danang; Ms Tran Thi Minh Huong, Executive Director of East Meets West Dental; Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa, Executive Director of Canvas hotel; Mr Nguyen Ninh Hai of the company Vitraco; Ms Dang Thi Nu, Vice Head of the HR department at Indochina Hoi An Golf Course JSC–Montgomerie Links Vietnam; Mr Pham Ba Hoa, Executive Director of Stella Maris hotel; Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Sales Director at the company Mia Travel; and Ms Le Thi Be Phuong, HR Management Director at Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort. From the DTU side there were furthermore Mr Pham Minh Cuong, Vice Provost of the School of Foreign Languages; Dr Nguyen Duc Hien, Head of the Center for Business Cooperation; Dr Tran Thi Minh Giang, Dean of the Faculty of English Language; and staff, lecturers, and students of the Faculty of English Language.
“I’d like to thank DTU for organizing this very practically meaningful program, which gives us businesspeople a chance for closer interaction with students,” Mr Tran Luc said at the event. “This gives us an opportunity to share our know-how and practical experience in each of our work environments, in each of our different positions and jobs, to allow you to more clearly picture the careers towards which you’re working. This will also to a certain extent inspire students and help them foster and pursue their dreams with a correct orientation, such that they’ll succeed in both their private lives and their careers.”
The invitees 
Throughout the event, the business representatives, who went through many ups and downs in their careers and reaped certain successes, shared their valuable experience on how to attain the goals one set oneself with the students of the Faculty of English of the DTU School of Foreign Languages. According to what the invitees explained, each person’s goals and dreams are different, and each person’s road to success must also be different. There are, however, certain commonalities determining success:
- One should always study hard to hone one’s knowledge and skills, for knowledge is the most certain foundation for a sure and stable journey to success.
- One should always make study and work plans in a scientific ways and really efficiently manage one’s time for carrying out those plans.
- One should practice one’s creative thinking, an element underlying unceasing development, the good realizations of one’s plans and goals, and good work management.
The invitees furthermore had heart-felt advice for the students of the Faculty of English Language: don’t wait for luck, search for a way to confront and overcome your difficulties, and so on. Questions from students such as, “Is it true that women meet more difficulties than men on their journeys to success?”, “What are the qualities and elements students should have to succeed?”, and, “How do you overcome you weaknesses?” also received enthusiastic answers from the invitees.
“Today’s event was really very useful for me,” Truong Thi Ngoc Anh, student of class K23 NAD1, says. “Listening to the explanations from the invitees helped me know how to determine my goals for the future more clearly and how to reach those goals. Through the event, I also had an opportunity to interact directly with businesses, learn about the actual work environment in several fields I’m interested in, and grasp a chance to learn and work that is appropriate to me.”
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