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Le Thi Thu Ngan - a talented student

At DTU, Le Thi Thu Ngan has won her friends’ hearts and become a shining example of how to study and participate in Union activities at the same time. She is graceful, attractive and eloquent in her work and has proposed several new initiatives. Thu Ngan gained the trust of her peers and was elected the K23KEU QTH Union Branch Secretary for Business Administration. Thu Ngan has also achieved outstanding academic results and won big prizes in her research activities, which other students can only dream of.
Le Thi Thu Ngan, a talented student
A shining example of how to study and participate in Union activities   
Thu Ngan was a student at the Le Thanh Tong High School for the Gifted in Hoi An, in Quang Nam Province, where she scored 28 in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in the 2017 National High School Exam. Thu Ngan was elected Monitor during her 3 years at high school and then applied to DTU, became a DTU Valedictorian and won a full scholarship for admission to the Keuka College accredited Business Administration degree program. She has achieved impressive academic results during her 3 years at DTU.   
In addition, in the 2018-2019, Thu Ngan was named Student of Five Merits at both the University and City levels for her sustained efforts in studying and pioneering in community activities, such as “N? cu?i hoa c?” at Quang Chau pagoda in Danang in January 2019 and “Th?p n?ng Ating - Mang ?m xuân v?” at the Ating commune in the Ðông Giang district of Qu?ng Nam in January 2020. In late May, Thu Ngan will be the only delegate from Danang to participate in the 6th National Youth congress, following Uncle Ho's 2020 Precept, to be held in Nghe An.
Thu Ngan said: “I always create time-tables for regular study and extra-curricular activities. I enter all my important school activities first, then extracurricular responsibilities, to reduce pressure. I always allow time for Union and social activities to help broaden my attitudes and behavior in life and make more friends. I spend much time studying alone at home and, during class, I listen attentively and ask questions frequently to fully understand the topics.”
Thu Ngan (middle) is awarded second prize in the “Seeding Your Idea” contest
A passion for research
Although she is an extrovert, Ngan has a passion for research. She explains: “Research gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge, develop our skills and apply them to the solution of real-life issues.”. Because of her concerns in environmental protection and health issues, Thu Ngan has brought together colleagues with the same interests to conduct several practical research projects together.
One of those projects was the “SMartbed”, which won second prize at the “Seeding Your Idea” startup contest, held at the VinTech City and Business Startup Support Center (BSSC) in Ho Chi Minh city. The same project then entered the final list of 50 in the Creative Entrepreneurs competition, organized by the Ministry of Education & Training. The “SMartbed” combines a variety of functions, including the automatic opening and closing of bedroom curtains according to the sleeping habits of the user; measuring and recording health indicators, such as blood pressure and heart rate; assessing sleep quality and giving advice; and, especially, alerting medical staff to abnormal and potentially fatal health conditions. 
Thu Ngan and her team also conducted another project entitled “Harvesting Energy from Sewers” which reached the top five in the national finals of the 2019 Go-Green-In-The-City contest, sponsored by Schneider Electric, and they were then listed in top 30 teams from the Asia and Pacific region. The water pressure in sewers can be used to generate electricity, which is then stored in for use in street lighting, electric car charging stations and public telephones.
Thu Ngan’s widely-recognized and impressive work in study and research has motivated her to continue making her dreams come true. 
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