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The 8th Live-streamed Enrolment Broadcast: Accounting & Auditing and Tax Consulting Careers

On March 13, the 8th live-streamed enrolment advisory session was broadcast on Accounting, Auditing and Tax Consulting career opportunities and challenges as Vietnam integrates internationally. The objective was to give parents and prospective students a clearer understanding of the DTU enrolment process. Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost; Associate Professor Phan Thanh Hai, Dean of Accounting; Dr. Ho Tuan Vu; MSc. Nguyen Thi Kim Huong from Accounting; and MSc. Pham Quang Trung, Director-General of AFA Audit & Appraisal Company answered questions. 
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh 08: Ngh? K? toán - Ki?m toán và Tu v?n thu?
Associate Professor Phan Thanh Hai
Associate Professor Phan Thanh Hai gave an overview on majors currently offered at DTU:
- Audit Accounting
- Corporate Accounting
- State Accounting
- Tax and Tax Consulting 
The experienced faculty team comprises Associate Professors, PhDs, Masters and research student educators, assisted by experts from local businesses who share their practical experiences.
The innovative accounting faculty constantly updates curricula based on current international requirements and shares advanced international programs from around the world. DTU partners with Pennsylvania State University in the US, one of the leaders in Economics and Business Administration education, which improves internship opportunities in local companies and broadens graduate career prospects.
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh 08: Ngh? K? toán - Ki?m toán và Tu v?n thu?
Staff, lecturers and invitee answer questions
Viewers watched the live stream, voiced their concerns and asked questions, which were ably answered by the lecturers. 
One of them, Han Di, wanted to know more about Tax Consulting, a new DTU major. A lecturer stated that graduates in Tax Consulting now have some of the best career opportunities of all. A tax consultant plays a critical role in the financial success of a business. Corporations must understand and obey the tax laws but there is a shortage of expert tax professionals locally and nationwide. In addition, the European Parliament (EP) has recently ratified the European Union Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which will now provide new international career choices for qualified graduate tax consultants. 
Another viewer, Nguyen Thao Ly, asked: “Which course should I study, Accounting & Auditing or Tax Consulting?” The answered was: “Every major has its own special features and significance. You should base your choice on your personal interests, qualifications and career plans”.
The 8th live-streamed enrolment broadcast
Long Nu, asked about the advantages of enrolling in the PSU International-Standard Auditing program. MSc. Kim Huong replied: “The PSU-standard major in Accounting & Auditing stems from our collaboration with Pennsylvania State University. Dedicated, expert lecturers will use the latest education techniques and materials to teach the English language, debating and critical thinking skills which are already familiar to students in more developed countries. Students will also take part in international cultural exchanges to broaden their knowledge, internship and job prospects.”   
Questions from parents and applicants about careers in tax consulting were answered by lecturers and local business representatives. Local companies are looking for tax consultants to advise clients on the most economical ways of legally filing their tax returns, based on their annual gross income. A degree in tax consulting offers a broad range of career choices because of its diverse specialties. Tax consultants can work for government agencies, tax departments or as certified independent contractors with an official agent license.  
Remote viewers also submitted their questions to the DTU fanpage inbox, asking for more details about the Accounting & Auditing and Tax Consulting majors. The 9th broadcast will be aired on March 19, entitled: “Career opportunities in Finance & Banking and Business Administration”. Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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