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dtuTV Live-Streamed Enrollment Consultation Broadcasts

All students and parent applicants require comprehensive information on enrollment regulations, career options, scholarships and tuition fee policy prior to admission, so that they can decide on a suitable university for the next 4 to 5 years. To provide this, DTU has held live-streamed enrollment consultation broadcasts weekly on the DTU Fanpage
Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh - Livestream s? 1: Ch? d? “Khô´i nga`nh Khoa ho?c Su´c kho?e”
Livestream s? 2: “Ca´ch ma?ng Công nghiê?p 4.0 - Co hô?i viê?c la`m cho Sinh viên Khô´i nga`nh Kiê´n tru´c, Xây du?ng, Thiê´t kê´ Ðô` ho?a & Thiê´t kê´ Tho`i trang”
DTU lecturers, business representatives and experts at the live-streaming
Lecturers, experts and business representatives can be consulted on several different topics, including the National High School Graduation Examination, study programs, career orientation and information about specific DTU majors, such as:
- Economics & Business Administration
- Tourism 
- Technology
- Architecture & Fine Arts
- Construction
- Health Sciences 
Students then learn more about the latest career trends and select the most appropriate courses more easily. Using the latest live streaming technology, the DTU team of experienced consultants can respond to all questions received in the Duy Tan University fanpage inbox and the tuyensinhDTU website, including specific information on:
- Study tips
- Tips for staying calm before the exam
- How to choose a career based on personality and ability
In 2020, DTU has already broadcast six live streaming sessions on:
- Health Science majors
- The 4.0 Industrial Revolution - career opportunities in fashion design, graphic design, architecture and civil engineering students
- New admission methods and majors
- Smart Tourism 4.0
- Employment opportunities for advanced, international, overseas and on-site study-abroad students
- A selection of Social Science and Humanities based majors
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 3: Ða d?ng các phuong th?c tuy?n sinh & Nga`nh mo´i
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 4: Smart tourism 4.0
Lecturers and professionals at the dtuTV live-streaming
Viewers may ask questions directly during the broadcast. The first 10 to 20 viewers go public, tag their friends and receive a phone card worth 500,00 to 100,000 VND. Don’t miss any of DTU’s live-streamed broadcasts, if you go live you will be eligible for these free gifts. As the series of broadcasts continues, watch and listen to decide which course is best for you!
For more information, contact:
The DTU Enrollment Center at 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Hotline: 1900.2252 – 0905.294390 – 0905.294391
Website: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
Email: tuyensinh@duytan.edu.vn
Fanpage: tuyensinhdtu; Duy Tan University
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