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Training course on Medical Teaching Methods by a University of Illinois Professor

From February 17th to 21st, Dr. Ara Tekian, Professor of Medical Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago and DTU jointly hosted a training course on Medical Teaching methods, for lecturers of Health Sciences and doctors from local hospitals, as part of their annual partnership program. 
Professor Ara Tekian
Participants learned:
- How to adapt the Team-Based learning (TBL) model
- How to assess communication skills in Healthcare
- How to assess courses
On this occasion, Professor Tekian discussed step 2 of the one-day USMLE examination on the way to obtaining an American medical license. The exam measures the applicant’s ability to apply the required knowledge, concepts and patient-centered skills as a basis for safe and effective healthcare. On passing the three-step exam, candidates are eligible to apply for an unrestricted license.  
Professor Tekian also talked about hands-on teaching techniques and his experiences in identifying students with difficulties and help them overcome their difficulties in studying; clinical teaching methods for medical students; how to establish clearly subject matter objectives and ways to optimize the creation and quality of multiple-choice questions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of Health Sciences education.
“DTU lecturers and the physicians focused well on their studies during the five-day training course. I have been very impressed with their enthusiasm, passion for study and good English communication skills.”, he said. “I have visited DTU several times and closely watched its development, particularly the training facilities. I also visited the DTU Center of Visualization & Simulation and believe that this will be the ideal environment for Health Science students.”
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