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Technology Community Gathers at DTU for DevDay 2024

On June 8, 2024, the annual IT event DevDay was officially jointly organized in Danang by Axon Active Vietnam (AAVN) and DTU. On the theme of “AInovation”, the event marked a significant step in connecting and sharing knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI) while affirming the position of Danang on the Vietnamese technology map.
Markus Baur shared his deep insights and outlook on DevDay 2024
Since its inception in 2015, DevDay has become highly anticipated in the IT community. It has grown into a large-scale technology festival and offers a space for networking and to share knowledge and career opportunities for students and professionals in the technology sector. This year marked the first time Axon Active and DTU co-organized the event. With over twenty leading companies from both Vietnam and abroad along with twenty exhibition booths and thirty reputable speakers, DevDay 2024 was an essential event for all tech enthusiasts.
“Since 2015, DevDay has grown into a major IT event, and DTU is honored to co-organize it with Axon Active Vietnam this year,” DTU Vice Provost Dr Nguyen Huu Phu said at the opening of DevDay 2024. “We are delighted to have witnessed the event grow and evolve over the years.
“Through this collaboration, DTU aims to promote the development of the IT sector in Danang and to contribute to regional economic growth. We’re committed to providing our students with the best knowledge foundation in IT and we’re proud to be a part of this event that connects industry experts, researchers, and students to exchange ideas and knowledge.”
DTU International School Vice Provost Dr Nguyen Duc Man presented gifts to the businesses supporting DevDay 2024
In name of the DevDay organizing committee, Axon Active Vietnam CEO Mr Markus Baur shared his deep insights and outlook on the event. “Today marks the seventh season of DevDay and it’s notably the first time we co-organize it with DTU,” he said. “I sincerely thank the university for their support and contributions that made today’s event a great success.
“The theme this year, ‘AInovation’, not only refers to new trends but also provides us with a positive outlook on the future of the industry, which will bring about higher efficiency, better quality, and more exciting challenges for our work. The advent of AI might make routine programming jobs obsolete, but the demand for actual engineering work will continue to exist. Communication skills and professional expertise will become increasingly important, making long-term experience in a specific field essential - this highlights the disadvantages of frequent job-hopping. Therefore, my advice to young people is to view AI as an opportunity. Position yourself as a true engineer, invest in your communication skills, and gain extensive knowledge in a field you’re passionate about. Doing so, you’ll be well-positioned to thrive in the transformations that AI is about to bring us.”
Students excited about the engaging activities at the booths
Of note, DevDay 2024 attracted attention not only in Danang but throughout Vietnam, leading to the participation of many major companies like AgilityIO, Binance, Open Web Technology, Everfit, Enosta, TAS Design Group, Saigon
Technology, and Kozocom. Besides offering an opportunity to access the latest knowledge and modern technology trends, DevDay 2024 also helped shape the future of IT in Danang and in the rest of Vietnam.
“DevDay Danang is one of the city’s large annual IT events,” Danang Department of Information & Communications Deputy Director Mr Tran Ngoc Thach observed. “It brings together many businesses, experts, and speakers from Vietnam and abroad to introduce the latest technologies, products, and services in various fields such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and semiconductor technology. It offers experts, researchers, students, and IT enthusiasts a
platform to connect, to exchange ideas and information about the latest trends and developments in the field, and to get career guidance for IT students.
“DevDay also exemplifies the collaborative mechanism between state, schools, businesses, and scientists. We believe that DevDay and other IT events like it will continue to inspire, drive innovation and growth in IT, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the city.”
DevDay 2024 attracted many renowned speakers and offered exciting topics like AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, education, semiconductors, and other novel technology fields. The event provided great opportunities for young people, students, and tech enthusiasts to access the latest knowledge and modern technology trends, and to learn from leading experts in the field.
A highlight of DevDay 2024 was the panel discussion “What's Next in AI?” featuring top speakers Le Hoang Phuc, Bung Tran, Kanji Low, Tran Hanh Trang, and Lynn Hoang. The session focused not only on current AI trends but also on future predictions for the field. The speakers shared the latest research and potential AI applications across various fields, and spoke on how AI could change human lives in the future. This provided young people, students, and tech enthusiasts with a valuable opportunity to listen to leading experts in person and to learn from them, thereby expanding their horizons and enhancing their knowledge of AI technology.
One of the thousands of students from Danang at the event, Nguyen Huu Tung, a third-year student of Software Engineering at the Danang University of Science & Technology, said that, “I learned about DevDay through social media and I attended today in hoping to learning useful information from businesses, especially regarding recruitment opportunities. I also hope to seize suitable opportunities for myself.
“The Danang University of Science & Technology previously also organized several similar tech events. Here at DevDay at DTU, I’m impressed with the large scale, the professional organization, and the many meaningful and interesting activities. I therefore have high hopes not only of getting recruitment information and opportunities but also of acquiring much valuable knowledge about IT through the talks.”
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