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DTU Students of Graphic Design Win 8 Awards at the International Design Awards

With exceptionally beautiful, creative designs that effectively convey messages for brands, two logo designed by two DTU students, Tran Vu Quynh Thi and Nguyen Ha Uyen, have been awarded the Bronze prize at the Logo Design competition hosted by The International Design Awards (IDA) in the United States.
Additionally, six other DTU students who participated in this competition received Honorable Mentions with their impressive logos.
The International Design Awards (IDA) is an international design award that recognizes and honors outstanding designs while discovering new talents in architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, and fashion design worldwide.
SV Thi?t k? d? h?a ÐH Duy Tân giành 8 gi?i thu?ng t?i The International Design Awards
Tran Vu Quynh Thi, a skillful designer, currently studying Graphic Design at DTU 
Utilizing Typography design style to arrange and shape letters, while cleverly exploiting the similarity and repetition of the letters M and E for the "MÊMÊ" brand logo, with the desire to widely promote the Northwest apple wine product, student Tran Vu Quynh Thi has sketched out a creative and impressive logo at first glance. Taking the idea of the repeated letters "MÊ" and combining it with a tilting effect, Quynh Thi has amplified the feeling of ecstasy and intoxication when experiencing the aroma and taste of Northwest apple wine from Vietnam.
SV Thi?t k? d? h?a ÐH Duy Tân giành 8 gi?i thu?ng t?i The International Design Awards
Tran Vu Quynh Thi won the Bronze prize with the "MÊMÊ" logo
Quynh Thi shares: "I'm very impressed with the unique fermented drink made from the freshest apples in the Northwest region. Therefore, I came up with the idea and sketched out the initial drawings for the 'MÊMÊ' brand logo specifically for the Northwest apple wine product. Initially, my design only used a single color for the entire logo, so it looked quite monotonous and dull. However, after receiving feedback from my instructor, I used more bright colors with contrast to evoke both the joyful atmosphere that 'MÊMÊ' brings and evoke associations with the indigenous patterns of the ethnic groups in the Northwestern mountains of our country. It's thanks to the enthusiastic support from the graphic design faculty members of the School of Applied Arts (part of SET) at DTU that I have completed the logo and expressed my own desires."
Quynh Thi's parents run a small business in Da Nang and always support their daughter's decisions. Initially specializing in Biology, but after many experiences and understanding the field she truly loves and wants to pursue long-term, Quynh Thi chose to study Graphic Design at DTU. Quynh Thi hopes to become a skilled UI/UX designer (designing interactive content interfaces and interfaces for applications on online platforms such as mobile apps or websites) in the future.
Having a passion for ceramic products, another DTU student, Nguyen Ha Uyen, sketched out a logo to promote the ceramic brand called "An ceramic studio." Ha Uyen chose a simple yet elegant design style to convey a sense of intimacy, familiarity, and tranquility as reflected in the name that the talented girl has given to this brand.
SV Thi?t k? d? h?a ÐH Duy Tân giành 8 gi?i thu?ng t?i The International Design Awards
Nguyen Ha Uyen, with a passion for creating souvenir products...
"I aim to create a sophisticated, lively, and distinctive design to leave a deep impression on customers who love ceramic products. Therefore, the logo design for 'An ceramic studio' was created with simple lines and elegant colors in a handwriting style to convey the 'rustic' feel of handmade ceramic production methods. The process of designing my logo received a lot of attention from the professors teaching Graphic Design at DTU. Every concern, every question, and even the uncertainties of myself were listened to, understood, encouraged, and thoroughly answered by the professors. It's the enthusiasm and constant support of the professors, along with the knowledge that they share daily, which has inspired me to love the field of study that I have chosen," Ha Uyen shares.
SV Thi?t k? d? h?a ÐH Duy Tân giành 8 gi?i thu?ng t?i The International Design Awards
... won the Bronze prize with the "An ceramic studio" logo.
Nguyen Ha Uyen is the eldest sister in a family of three siblings living in Da Nang. During her free time, the petite Gen Z girl enjoys immersing herself in profound, gentle, and philosophical songs by Trinh Cong Son, Le Cat Trong Ly... alongside her 'roots' hobby of reading Nguyen Nhat Anh's stories. Ha Uyen's future aspiration is to become a skilled 2D graphic designer to create products that are familiar and intimate with many target customers. Currently studying Graphic Design at Duy Tan University, Ha Uyen diligently attends classes, completes all the requirements of the instructors, while also managing to arrange additional part-time work to fit into her daily schedule without wasting time.
Ha Uyen confides: "My family isn't very wealthy, so since stepping into DTU, I've balanced my schedule to find additional work to lessen the financial burden on my parents. I utilize my spare time to crochet products that I sell at a store specializing in selling small, lovely souvenirs in the city center, which have been popular choices among young people for various occasions. Instead of regularly scrolling through the web and wasting too much time wandering to find other hobbies on my phone, I prefer to meticulously crochet to create truly 'unique' products. It's even more enjoyable when the products I create are loved and help me earn extra income."
Additionally, the DTU Graphic Design students also "brought home" 6 Honorable Mentions awards for their highly acclaimed designs in both aesthetics and creative abilities:
- Le Van Dung with the "Cafefe" logo design for a coffee shop,
- Phan Thi Chi Hieu with the "Soncha Teahouse" design for a bubble tea shop,
- Dao Thi Ngoc Huyen with the "Dream Stream Camping" design for a camping service provider,
- Vo Ky Bao Ngoc with the "H'Mong Spring Festival" design for the unique festival season of the H'Mong people in the highlands of Northwest Vietnam,
- Tran Uyen Nhi with the "Kids Art Class" design for an art healing club for Covid-19 orphaned children in Hue,
- Nguyen Thanh Thao with the "Double Happiness Wedding Bridal Shop" design for a bridal shop.
SV Thi?t k? d? h?a ÐH Duy Tân giành 8 gi?i thu?ng t?i The International Design Awards
Six other logos designed by DTU students received Honorable Mentions from IDA, USA
Designer Nguyen Tri Phuong Dong, a lecturer in the DTU Graphic Design Faculty, who was one of the lecturers directly guiding DTU students to participate in the Logo Design competition held by The International Design Awards, shared: "The students I've guided all have a keen awareness of absorbing professional knowledge and soft skills within the shared program of the DTU Graphic Design Faculty. With the upgraded program of project assignments for international design competitions, I organized it like phase 3 of a project, or more accurately, an independent and highly professional project for the students. They were guided to seamlessly execute the supporting skills directly for competition participation such as visualization, control, AI brainstorming, pro mockup...
The visible quality of DTU students this time is their determination and perseverance. They have a professional learning consciousness, are willing to immerse themselves in personalizing knowledge and skills, are sensitive, are sensitive, and quick to update. These are the truest design students in the Central region that I've always envisioned. With their initial achievements, the new works of these students have surpassed thresholds at the school, national, continental levels, and are reaching international standards."
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