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DTU Wins Prize at the 2023 Security Bootcamp

Duy Tan University was the only university to win a prize at the 2023 Security Bootcamp, which recognizes the outstanding achievements by teams from Vietnamese companies, banks and universities. 
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i t?i Security Bootcamp 2023
The 2023 Security Bootcamp  Photo: DTU
Do not let AI “take control”
For the first time, the agenda of the 2023 Security Bootcamp included elements concerning AI, and attracted even more interest in the Network Security community. DTU was the only university to win a prize, a third, in competition with big names, such as VNPT, Viettel, One Mount, VPS Securities, MB Bank and Vietcombank.
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i t?i Security Bootcamp 2023
 Third prize is awarded to the DTU ISITDTU team   Photo: DTU
First prize went to VNPT-VCI, from VNPT Cyber Immunity, and the second to GHTK, from Giao hang Tiet kiem (GHTK). An additional third prize was awarded to VPS Securities, the four of whom surpassed 26 other teams, from Viettel, VNPT, One Mount, MB Bank, Vietcombank, and GHTK, VPS Securities, the Hanoi University of Science & Technology, the Vietnam-Korea University and FPT.
The Bootcamp took place from September 8 to 10 in Danang, organized by the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA) in collaboration with the Danang Department of Information & Communications, and attended by 300 Vietnamese cybersecurity experts. “WAI” was chosen by the community as the theme, because of the greatly increasing prevalence of AI worldwide. Geoffrey Hinton, one of the Godfathers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), actually resigned from Google after more than a decade and then spoke freely about the serious possibility of AI becoming smarter than humans. He also urged governments to act quickly to ensure that AI would not take over control of society in general!
Many more teams participated in the program this year and the contest allowed them to learn more about the latest innovative and challenging trends in Information Security. The competition format was announced at the outset, based on the topic “AI and IoT applications in businesses”, with sections: AI questions, Forensic and the RedTeam.
Dau Hoang Tai is a DTU International School (IS) student and said: “The Security Bootcamp Information Security contest is targeted at Vietnam’s largest security companies, so the questions were complex and specialized, but we learned many new things.” 
According to Dau Hoang Tai, the ISITDTU team’s win was the result of the hard work of the team, under the guidance, support and encouragement of their DTU School of Computer Science (SCS) lecturers. In addition to their high-quality classroom programs, students are able hone their skills for participation in competitions, through in-person online practice at home or abroad. 
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