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Le Thi Nhi from Gia Lai Wins Historic Kickboxing Gold Medal

Le Thi Gia Lai, an outstanding 20-year-old young woman from Gia Lai, won a Gold Medal in Kickboxing. She was representing Vietnam at the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia, the first time an athlete from Gia Lai province has done so.
After defeating Indonesian fighter Febryanti Fani in the semi-finals, Nhi went on to meet Teodoro Martine from the Philippines, who was a formidable opponent and favorite in the women’s 50 kg lightweight category. The Filipino fighter had previously beaten contestants from Thailand to reach the finals.
Despite this, Nhi did not hesitate to choose an offensive stance from the very beginning, not allowing Martine a moment’s rest. Nhi threw a series of heavy blows at her opponent’s face and side, constantly putting the Filipino on the defensive.
Lê Th? Nhi giành huy chuong vàng l?ch s? cho th? thao Gia Lai
Kickboxer Le Thi Nhi (on the right)   Photo: Duc Thinh
After an underwhelming first round, Martine adjusted her tactics and actively moved around the ring to dodge Nhi’s attacks and, in the second round, launched her own attacks, putting Nhi on the alert and forcing her to dodge. The two women continued to fight an exciting match, with diverse and powerful attacks. However, Nhi still proved the stronger, landing fast and accurate blows and, at the end of the third round, the score was 3-0 to Nhi, who earned the Gold Medal, a major accomplishment for Nhi, Gia Lai and Vietnam.
Lê Th? Nhi giành huy chuong vàng l?ch s? cho th? thao Gia Lai
Le Thi Nhi (on left) wins 3-0   Photo: Duc Thinh
Nhi’s Martial Arts teacher and Director of the provincial Sports Training & Competition Center, Mr. Tran Bao Son said: “Although it was the first time Nhi had competed in the lightweight category, she was ready, and quickly proved her fighting skills, even on the floor of the ring,”. He expressed his excitement about Nhi’s emotional changes during the fight and continued: “At one point, Nhi attacked suddenly and threw some punches that were too strong for her opponent, and, unfortunately, the referee had to reprimand her. However, Nhi continued to demonstrate her fighting spirit and defeated her opponent convincingly, as a result her strict training routine.”
Meanwhile, the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, & Tourism, Mr. Tran Ngoc Nhung added: “The Gia Lai provincial leadership and our department are proud of Nhi’s historic achievement. This is our first success since we decided to invest in high-performance sports. From now on, Nhi will inspire other athletes to strive to honor Vietnam, and Gia Lai in particular.”
Nhi’s father,  Mr. Le Van Loi, had also been nervously following his daughter’s every move in Cambodia, and was worried, because this was the first time she had competed abroad. At the same time, however, he was confident that his daughter would adapt quickly and has already become more mature by living away from home since her childhood. When Nhi finally and deservedly won, it was a very emotional moment for her family.
“Nhi often called home from Cambodia to talk to us,” said Mr. Loi delightedly. “We’re overjoyed to see her healthy and strong, fighting with determination, and bringing home a wonderful Gold Medal for Vietnam. We are so proud of her, looking forward to her return and welcoming her medal.”
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