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DTU Student Wins Third prize at the 2021 Tour Guide Competition

On December 16, the Tour Guide Competition finals were held by the Da Nang Department of Tourism at the Minh Toan Galaxy hotel, with 74 participants from 12 universities, in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. One First, two Second, two Third, eight Consolation prizes and three sub-prizes were awarded. DTU Hospitality & Tourism students won one Third and 5 Consolation prizes. 
Thí sinh Nguy?n Th? Linh Chi (áo dài h?ng) nh?n gi?i Ba H?i thi
Nguyen Thi Linh Chi (in pink) won Third prize
The contest motivated contestants to share their experiences, practice being tour guides and strengthened their ties with local companies. They came from DTU, the Danang University of Education, Dong A University, the Danang College of Tourism and the University of Foreign Languages & Information Technology in Ho Chi Minh City and completed 5-minute online general knowledge, video voiceover and eloquence tests. 12 of them advanced to the finals.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Ba H?i thi Sinh viên th? s?c ngh? Hu?ng d?n viên Du l?ch 2021
 DTU students compete in the eloquence test  
Nguyen Thi Linh Chi, a K25 PSU major in Tourism & Travel Management, from the DTU Hospitality and Tourism Institute, won a third prize, worth 1.5 million dong, and a one-night stay at the Risemount Resort. When asked the question: "With the development of technology, many careers are likely to be automated. Do you think travel guides will be replaced by robots?” Linh Chi affirmed that robots cannot completely replace travel guides, despite their artificial intelligence, because they don’t have a heart to be sensitive to customers' emotions and moods.  
Five other DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute students received consolation prizes worth 500,000 dong, 2 vouchers to visit Bana Hills and 2 Hoi An Impressive Park tickets:
- Nguyen Thi Kim Thao, from K24 Tourism & Travel Management 
- Nguyen Xuan Nghia, a K24 PSU major in Tourism & Travel Management 
- Ngo Thi Minh Nguyet, from K24 Tourism & Travel Management 
- Le Hoang Anh, a K25 PSU major in Tourism & Travel Management 
- Vo Mai Tuyet Nhi, from K25 Tourism and Hospitality Management
Các thí sinh nh?n Gi?i Khuy?n khích
Contestants receive consolation prizes 
Linh Chi said: “This is the first time I have participated in a competition like this, so I was a bit nervous. However, before and during the competition, I received great encouragement from my DTU lecturers, mentors and friends who motivated me to perform at my best. I was delighted to win a third prize, which motivates me even more to continue pursuing my career goals.”
The DTU Hospitality and Tourism Institute uses the latest teaching methods, shares its curricula with well-known universities worldwide and provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, enabling students to succeed in numerous competitions and prepare for their future jobs. 
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