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DTU Students Win Third Prize in the 2021 ECO-n Finals

The DTU Lambo Team developed their idea of recycling discarded rubber tires into practical new products and submitted their “G-Hug” project to the “ECO-n 2021” contest. In the online finals of January 3, DTU won third prize, in addition to another award for the “Most-liked project”. 
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Ba t?i vòng Chung k?t Cu?c thi “ECO-n 2021”
The Lambo Team
“ECO-n 2021” is a contest based on innovation and entrepreneurship, aimed at solving environmental issues. The contest is organized by the Youth Union, the International School of the National University in Hanoi and the DTU Volunteer Club. “ECO-n 2021” provided an opportunity to submit research projects which would inspire the younger generation with its obligation to focus on activities, core values and their personal responsibility to the community. The contest attracted 68 teams to compete in the five rounds preceding the finals.
“When our team met to discuss ideas, we remarked on how many families reuse old paint buckets or Styrofoam boxes to store household waste,” explained Nguyen Phan Thanh Luan about his Lambo Team’s idea. “Waste bins often have no lids and are not esthetically pleasing, which gave us the idea of recycling discarded rubber tires to make useful, inexpensive products and protect the environment. We all hope that our ‘G-Hug’ project will make a small contribution towards a greener and cleaner Vietnam.”
The production phase of the project consists of four steps, the rubber waste is collected, sorted by the type of rubber, then cleaned, pressed and cut, and finally manufactured by hand, using attractive design templates.
 “G-Hug” currently produces waste bins, mats, flowerpots and rubber slippers and is achieving its goals of reducing waste and pollution, and conserving resources, with inexpensive and healthy products.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Ba t?i vòng Chung k?t Cu?c thi “ECO-n 2021”
Illustration of a “G-Hug” product
The contest organizers awarded first prize to the project entitled, “An environmentally friendly English-learning app”, by the BLUBUSH team, second prize to “Returning paper to forests”, by Weshare, and consolation prizes to “Silicate crystal fund”, by Silicat, “An app to measure the greenhouse gases emitted by every human action”, by Ngu Yen, and “The Green Project, an activity for the younger generation”, by the Ri Project.
“In the finals, we had many problems with our internet connection and other technical errors, and time was running out,” explained Ngo Thi Minh Nguyet. “By keeping calm and solving the issues, we did our best to present our project as effectively as possible. Although we didn’t expect to win, we conquered ourselves. We’d like to thank the Green Impact Vietnam social venture for their environmental and legal information, Mr. Nguyen Duc Kien for his enthusiastic advice, DTU Startup, and the DTU Union. By 2022, we plan to coordinate our project with Green Impact Vietnam to decide on the most appropriate end-products and begin production.”
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