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Online education at DTU during the pandemic

During the pandemic, DTU has implemented an online system to ensure the safety of lecturers, staff and students alike and a timely graduation. e-learning has now become the most prominent influencing factor in higher education today. 
Currently, 20,000 students are learning remotely using the myDTU web system. The university has 150 e-learning classrooms, with 900 lecturers teaching via SAKAI and Zoom meeting.
Online education at DTU
DTU has invested significantly in online teaching applications and developed a plan to counter the pandemic. The network infrastructure has been upgraded with LMS, LCMS, an online bank of 215,000 questions and other software. 
The myDTU web uses 50 broad-bandwidth servers operating the Zoom meeting system, connected to a 10 megabits/s port that feeds directly into the national transit station. 150 wide-angle high-resolution cameras have been purchased for online teaching and exams and the system can handle up to 2,500 students taking exams simultaneously. 
20,000 students recently took the End-of-Course exams online to guarantee that the presentation of degrees will take place on schedule.  
The DTU motto is: "All for the students' rights of study, research and careers", and the university has made sustained efforts to provide its students with the best study opportunities and experience. Now, DTU brings education to your home!
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