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What are DTU students saying about Remote Learning?

During the pandemic, DTU has implemented online education systems for the safety of students, lecturers and staff. Is this effective? There is evidence that learning online can be even more effective than face-to-face in several ways. Let’s listen to some student comments on their remote teaching and examinations experiences.
DTU students comment on online education
-   Personally speaking, I believe that the DTU implementation has been very successful.
-  The university has upgraded the network infrastructure to the highest level possible. 
-  I can learn just as much or more studying online. Distance learning also helps me schedule my workday better.  
-  Online courses and exams are quite intriguing and have broadened my experience. We are still able to interact well with our peers and teachers and receive timely feedback. 
-  In addition to success in online teaching, DTU has also conducted exams remotely. Lecturers are still able to closely supervise their students during the exams and give them guidance at the same time.
-  Even online, the exam questions are equally difficult, the examiners can strictly evaluate the true knowledge of examinees and ensure continuing high-quality education. 
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