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Clip summarizing some successful online graduation projects by DTU students

DTU successfully held an online Thesis/Graduation Project Defense ceremony and hearings to ensure timely graduation after the recent re-emergence Covid-19, which presented a major challenge to lecturers and students alike. However, the new process in no way compromised the quality of the previous face-to-face hearings because of DTU’s experience implementing online classes all last year. 
Graphic Design projects, including technical drawings and videos, were transmitted to the committee, using Google Drive, DTU’s Sakai, email, Zalo, Dropbox or Onedrive, prior to presentation. This involved extra work, but all went smoothly, on schedule, without problems.  
The Assessment Committee was impressed with the ideas, design, quality and presentation of the Civil Engineering projects. Topics included structural design, the development of technical methodology, construction organization and the preparation of estimation and bidding documents. The judges used the remote-control TeamViewer application to review student spreadsheets.  
Advanced & International Programs students, majoring in Software Engineering, Management Information Systems and Network Security, spent 14 weeks collecting and processing data and then defended their graduation projects in English to the Capstone Defense committees. 
The Medicine-Pharmacy-Nursing, Economic Management, Social Science & Humanities and Foreign Language students successfully defended their graduation projects.   
See dtuTV to view some of the leading projects from the graduation project defense hearings:
Project “Designing a 3D Isolde for the League of Legends team game”, by Duong Tan Dung 
Project “3D game environment design - Chinese ancient style - Vo Ki:
Van Tham Bat Tri Xu”, by Huynh Thi Thu Mo 
Project “Making an emotional short family movie: “Sunset”, by Tran Chanh Rin Bin
Project “3D game environment design - Deserted: A Knight’s Tale”, by Nguyen Trong Luan 
The best Civil Engineering projects   
The best Pharmacy projects  
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