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The Seventh Season Learning Express Opening Ceremony

The 2019 DTU Learning Express was launched in February and the Opening was held on April 2, with sixty students from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and DTU attending. 
Started in 2011 at Singapore Polytechnic, Learning Express is one of the most practical programs for educational development and integration. Learning Express allows students to experience all the cultures of other ASEAN countries and broadens their practical, communication, teamwork and language skills. DTU is the first university in Vietnam to participate in the program, which is now in its seventh year. 
Learning Express Mùa th? 7 Chính th?c B?t d?u
SP and DTU jointly hold the Seventh Season of Learning Express 
The Design Thinking methodology is used to co-create innovative prototype solutions to real-life issues, based on four steps: Sense and Sensibility, Empathy, Ideation and Prototype. Students apply their skills to develop a truer understanding of themselves, an empathy for the community they are serving and a realization of the positive impact they can make on the lives of needy communities.
Twenty-eight DTU students and SP delegates will visit villages in Quang Nam to learn about sleeping-mat weaving, fish sauce production and shrimp farming. By creatively applying what they have learned on their Design Thinking course, they will then recommend potential new craft products and ways to improve current production volumes. After a 10-day journey, they will present their projects at the Learning Express Showcase at DTU.
Learning Express Mùa th? 7 Chính th?c B?t d?u
SP and DTU Students
Vo Thi Tu Vy was participating in Learning Express for the first time and said: “I heard about Learning Express when I was at high school. This field-trip will give us the practical knowledge to help the villagers improve their productivity and we are all very eager and proud to take part”
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