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Creative Inspiration

The creativity of the talented Quang Nam high school competitors in the 2018 -2019 Provincial Science and Technology Contest was impressive.
Nguy?n Vinh Huy (Tru?ng THPT Ti?u La) trình bày “Thu?t toán nh?n d?ng ngôn ng? ký hi?u” - d? án do?t gi?i Nh?t. ?nh: X.P
Nguyen Vinh Huy at Tieu La High School won First Prize
A stimulating environment for contestants 
The Ministry of Education and Training encourages contestants annually to conduct research projects that improve social living standards. The competition began in 2013 and, in 2016, Quang Nam first participated, with excellent results. Projects included “A device to convert computer texts into Braille” by Vo Trung Thien Tuong from the Ly Tu Trong High School in Thang Binh and “An IoT automatic library” by Do Vu Quang Loc and Ho Tran Tri from the Nguyen Binh Khiem High School for the Gifted. In 2014 -2015, 22 projects were submitted, rising significantly to 139 in 2017-2018 and to 200 in 2018/2019, including topics such as embedded systems, system and software, mechanical engineering, and social science and behaviour. 
Quang Nam students also previously competed in the national competition. In the first one, in 2015-2016, Quang Nam submitted six projects and won 6 prizes, including 2 firsts. In 2017-2018, they won 5, including one second and three third prizes.
The six first prizes in the 2018/2019 provincial contest that were awarded to Quang Nam students comprised: 
- “An algorithm to identify sign languages” by Nguyen Vinh Huy from Tieu La High School, Thang Binh.
- “An integrated technology to 3D scan and print” by Dang Thanh Son from Nguyen Khuyen High School in Dien Ban.
- “A landslide warning device” by Do Viet Trinh and Duong Xuan Quynh from Bac Tra My High School.
- “Enhancing student self-control and teacher responsibility through student questionnaires” by Phan Nguyen Song Ngan and Tran Thuc Nhan from Hung Vuong High School in Thang Binh.
- “A smart garbage collection system” by Nguyen Ngoc Gia Huy and Phan Ngoc Anh from theNguyen Binh Khiem High School for the Gifted in Tam Ky.
- “An virtual reality application reality technology to enhance simulation and interaction of animals in the Vietnam Red Book” by Pham Gia Huy and Le Khac Truong Anfrom the Nguyen Binh Khiem High School for the Gifted in Tam Ky.
Creative Inspiration 
In the final round, several submissions were inspired by everyday life, such as: “A landslide warning device”, “A smart garbage collection system”, “An environmentally-friendly plastic waste recycling system" and "A smart barrier system". Others were of humanitarian value, including “An algorithm to identify sign languages” and “A smart warning phone app, to locate another mobile user”. The social and behavioural theme was difficult to focus on, however this year’s competition still attracted some high quality projects, such as: "The herd mentality of students" and "Speech anxiety in front of a crowd".
Mr Ha Thanh Quoc, Director of the Department of Education and Training, said the success of this year’s contest could beattributed to the quantity of projects submitted and to the students’enthusiasm, energy and passion for research. This year, 73 projects from secondary schools won valuable prizes, including “An automatic flushing system for non-electric toilets" by Dang Thanh Lam and "A mountain and embankment landslide warning system" by Pham Van Trieu, which were highly praisedfor their creativity and practicality.
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