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A Talk with DTU Students about Entrepreneurship

On January 24, Hero of Labor Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President, talked with DTU students about entrepreneurship. The meeting was held by the DTU Startup Center. 
AHLÐ.NGUT. Lê Công Co chia s? v? Tinh th?n Kh?i nghi?p
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co 
“When I was six, I worked as a servant,” said Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co. “When I was thirteen, I went to Saigon to shine shoes, transport water on my shoulders and sell newspapers to make a living. All these jobs shaped me and gave me unyielding willpower. I never give up, I suffered through all to continue learning. Learning is the only way to change one’s destiny. When I was eighteen, I started high school and, just four years later, I became a teacher. Then the resistance summoned me and I joined the revolution. At the time, I prayed for peace to be restored, so that, if I was still living when that happened, I could continue being an educator. I had the idea of starting a modern school with advanced programs. After experiencing those times of upheaval and meanwhile gaining much more knowledge and mastering many new skills, I started building today’s DTU.”
The life story of Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co greatly impressed his audience. He stressed that they needed to always study hard, come up with innovative ideas and realize them.   
Sinh viên Duy Tân l?ng nghe tâm tu c?a Th?y
DTU students  
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co also advised: “You must be ambitious and decisive in your studies. Then you should found a startup team of three like-minded, well-qualified peers. Your personalities and majors may differ but you must all work towards the same goal. You should be curious and creative, as life is a constant flow of ups and downs, that most successful people experience, which will both form parts of your lives and careers. Such is life! Never give up.”
Certificates of Merit were awarded to teams with first, second and third prizes in the 2019 Hult Prize finals. If DTU students maintain their passion for self-improvement and learning, together with the dedication and support of DTU lecturers, they will achieve much in their future careers. 
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