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DTU Awards Scholarships on the 69th Anniversary of Vietnamese Students’ Day

On January 9th, DTU commemorated the 69th anniversary of Vietnamese Students’ Day and honored strong 2017- 2018 performers. 
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, receives flowers from students
Mr. Mai Xuan Binh, Secretary of the DTU Youth Union and Chairperson of the DTU Students’ Association, reviewed the traditions of Vietnamese students. Over the past 69 years, generations of students have shown their deep gratitude to their predecessors who had made significant contributions to the independence of our country. The date was first set to recognize the sacrifice of one student, Tran Van On, who was shot to death in a student protest against the French occupying forces in 1950, with the objective of passing on his national pride and patriotism to future generations.
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao said: “While we are still young, many adventures and opportunities await us, so we should grasp them to enjoy life’s experiences. Don’t be afraid to fail because failure is just part of learning how to start doing something. Failure makes us stronger and more resilient. Failure is an integral part of our path to success. Failure can be the greatest lesson. When we fail at something, we learn more about ourselves. Based on my experiences, I encourage you all to leave your hometown for a while and see what’s out there. Travelling changes the way we relate to the world and to others. Travelling broadens our perspective and opens us up to learning more about other people and situations. Ideas, creativity and a strong foundation of knowledge are vital for those who want to start a startup. Universities equip us with knowledge and soft skills but success will only come to those who know how to apply their learning to real-life work.” 
Ms. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, DTU Vice Provost, awards scholarships
Seven outstanding students were honored with “Students with Excellent Performance” awards at city level, and another twenty-five at the university level. Twenty-seven more won Vietnamese and international prizes and one-hundred and sixteen were awarded scholarships. Nineteen outstanding students were awarded scholarships for the Advanced Programs. In addition, the VINACONEX 25 Company gave scholarships to twenty other outstanding students. Disadvantaged DTU students were given bus tickets to return to their homes for the T?t holiday.
Phan Thi Dieu Hien, from IT, said: “Gifts motive me to work harder. As a member of the DTU Youth Union, I am always aware of my role and responsibilities, which encourages me to study more diligently.”
“...T?i nh?ng chân tr?i m?i/Kìa T? qu?c bi?t bao tuoi d?p/T?i nh?ng công trình m?i/D?t nên nh?ng u?c mo cho d?i/Ta yêu m?t ngày mai/Bàn tay ta bi?n sông thành di?n/Ði nào b?n oi!/D?t lên nh?ng u?c mo cho d?i”. 
The lyrics of the Bai Ca Sinh Vien song talk about the thinking of DTU students. Their concerted joint efforts and achievements will lead to personal success as well as to success for our country in the near future. 
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