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“Sustainable Tourism Development in the Central Provinces of Vietnam”: Current situation and Proposals

On December 8, DTU held an International Conference for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Central Provinces of Vietnam to investigate and develop sustainable solutions and policies. Local and foreign Hospitality and Tourism experts, including South Korea and China, met each other and exchanged ideas. 
Tourism experts and researchers attending the conference  
In his speech at the conference, Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President, said: “We are blessed with some amazingly beautiful places here but we do not take full advantage of the potential. We are facing many different challenges threatening the possibility of long-term development, such as the environmental pollution and less attractive and imaginative tourism products. This conference permits Tourism experts and professionals to come up with and exchange some new ideas to boost our local tourism standards and hospitality industry of the region and nation as a whole in the near future.” 
Forty papers were submitted to the conference, 34 of which were selected for publication in the conference proceedings, entitled “Sustainable Tourism Development in the Central Provinces of Vietnam”.
China has the highest number of tourists and provides many potential tourists for neighboring markets like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. Dr. Lianping Ren from the Institute for Tourism Studies - Macau in China, reported on the special characteristics of Chinese tourists, including how they choose hotels and what they spend their travel money on. Their decisions are normally made based on the influence of family and friends, their budgets and their personalities. Dr. Lianping Ren hoped that her paper would provide a better understanding of the special Chinese tourism market in Vietnam and the Central Region.
Dr. Lianping Ren from the Institute for Tourism Studies - Macau in China,  reported on the special characteristics of Chinese tourists 
The conference focused on key issues, such as the development of marine and island tourism attractions along the South Central Coast, ecotourism products and cultural and heritage programs. Also discussed were ways of finding investors for new tourism opportunities on the North Central Coast, especially in Danang and Quang Nam, establishing new tourist locations all over Central Vietnam and getting communities to work together for a sustainable future. 
DTU is well-known for its contributions to the development of tourism in Danang and in the Central region, which has been a key focus over the past 24 years of its development. 22 out of the 36 accepted research paper at the conference originated at DTU, demonstrating the success the university has achieved on the way to establishing a sustainable tourism environment regionally and nationwide.
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