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International Workshop on Cancer Prevention and Control

 H?i th?o Khoa h?c Qu?c t? v? Phòng và Ki?m soát Ung thu
The workshop draws attention of many researchers in Cancer prevention and control 
On November 9th, DTU hosted the International workshop on Cancer prevention and control, in the presence of many overseas experts from leading universities and institutes in the US and Japan. 
Participants presented research results in cancer prevention for Vietnamese people, training for doctors, the causes of the disease and the role of microbial ecosystem of the gastrointestinal tract in cancer treatment and metabolic disorders for people with obesity.
Outstanding papers included “Dietary carcinogens and cancer risk based on findings from Japanese studies” by Dr. Motoki Iwasaki from the Division of Epidemiology, Center for Public Health Sciences, National Cancer Center in Japan; and “Research Perspectives on Dietary Carcinogens and Mitigation of Exposures in Controlling Human Cancers” by Dr. Robert J. Turesky from  the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, at the University of Minnesota in the US.  
The workshop aimed to comprehensively exchange experience in the field of cancer control, including Epidemiology and monitoring of cancer cases; preventing and screenings; advances in cancer diagnostics and treatment; psychological and social support providing for cancer patients; obstacles and challenges in cancer prevention and treatment. 
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