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Danang Awards DTU Researchers

On December 16, the Danang People’s Committee held the 2017 Commendation Ceremony for individuals with outstanding achievements in science and technology. DTU is proud that its team consisting of Dr Vu Duong and MSc Tran Le Thang Dong was awarded a certificate of merit for their work “Researching, designing, and manufacturing automatic bagging machine”, which already won a Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation encouragement prize in 2016, together with 46 other scientists with outstanding papers in ISI-listed journals in 2017.
Dr Vu Duong (second from right) and MSc Tran Le Thang Dong (far right) received a certificate of merit from the Danang People’s Committee
Scientific research at DTU has risen to new heights as the number of international publications has been growing exponentially in research years. In 2017 alone, the university had 334 ISI-listed papers, up from 205 in 2016 and 101 in 2015. DTU’s international publications cover a great many fields, including information technology, construction, medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental science, electronics, mathematics, and physics. The university’s ISI publications the Danang People’s Committee awarded in 2017 were published in high impact factor (IF) journals. Standing out among them is Dr Nguyen Quang Hung’s paper “Simultaneous microscopic description of nuclear level density and radiative strength function”, published in Physical Review Letters with an
impact factor of 8.462.
The DTU researchers with outstanding papers in ISI-indexed journals in 2017 received a certificate of merit from the Danang People’s Committee
In addition, many of the papers being awarded were in journals with IF of 4 and higher or 3 and higher, such as Dr Pham Le Minh Thong’s “A DFT study of Ethane Activation on IrO2(110) Surface by Precursor-mediated Mechanism” in  the journal Applied Catalysis A: General with IF = 4.339, Dr Tran Thi Thanh Thoa’s “Regulation of photosensitisation processes by an RNA aptamer” in Scientific Reports with IF= 4.259, Dr Nguyen Minh Hung’s “Prevalence and genotype distribution of hepatitis delta virus among chronic hepatitis B carriers in Central Vietnam” published in PloS ONE with IF= 3.394, and “The structural, magnetic and vibrational properties of Ti-doped BaMnO3” by Dr Dang Ngoc Toan’s group published in Journal of Alloys and Compounds with IF = 3.133. 
In particular, the work “Researching, designing, and manufacturing an automatic bagging machine” by Dr Vu Duong and MSc Tran Le Thang Dong, which won a Consolation prize at the 2016 Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Prize, was also awarded. “The CEE is developing applied research to improve the practical skills of Electricity and Electronics students at the school, all while creating many useful products aimed at improving labor productivity for society.” Dr Vu Duong, Director of the DTU Center for Electricity and Electronics (CEE), explains “Standing out among them is the work ‘Researching, designing, and manufacturing an automatic bagging machine’, which was successfully implemented.  The automatic bagging machine based on programmable logic controller automation technology, which can roll telecommunications cables and replace human labor, has been selected for use by Viettel group. We are really happy that our work has been awarded an encouragement prize at the 2016 Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Prize and now a certificate of merit in the city we work. Previously, the CEE has successfully developed many practically useful products, such as a robot that automatically detects welding defects, an automatic vending machine, and a multifunctional smart office appliance. We are continuing our research to create even more quality products in service of the people.”
Previously, the Danang People’s Committee also commended 26 DTU researchers for 26 out of 26 ISI publications in 2016, out of which 22 were by DTU authors and 4 were in collaboration with scientists at the Danang University of Education and the Danang University of Technology.

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