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The 2017 Electrical Engineering Conference

On October 28th, the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering hosted the fourth Conference on Electronics, Telecommunications and Electrical Automation. 

Many Electrical Engineering lecturers and students attend 
This annual conference aims to expand research at DTU by creating new opportunities for researchers, lecturers and students and expanding partnerships with other research institutions in the region.
Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Dean of Electrical Engineering said: “We understand the importance of conducting research and applying scientific advances in teaching and, over the years, the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering has encouraged and facilitated lecturers and staff to enhance the quality of their research, to improve their qualifications and meet stringent requirements. Researchers also develop constructive new ideas about research and learn of ways to perfect their own projects.”

At the conference, fourteen papers on fifth generation mobile networks, network administration and operation were presented. The best papers will be published in the DTU Science and Technology Magazine (ISSN: 1859-4950).

DTU research projects have been commended for their feasibility. A very practical paper, “The Danger Positioning System”, was published by Dang Van Lap, Vo Dang Nghia and Nguyen Thao. A device was developed for taxi drivers to send an alarm if they have problems taking passengers to remote areas. The three students hope to make a small contribution to reducing crime risks. 

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