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Awards ceremony for Environmental Marine Protection Projects

On July 30th, DTU held an awards ceremony for the Marine Environmental Protection Project of the Coral Summer Camp. Dr. Vu Dinh Tuan, of the DTU Environment & Chemical Engineering Faculty; Mr. Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the DTU International School; Mr. Nguyen The Hung, Chairperson of the Go Green Club and  campers attended.  

The Summer Camp is organized by ACP to teach Marine Biology and ways of protecting coral reefs and the marine environment in general.
A representative of Coral Summer Campers presents gifts to DTU

Each of the Coral Summer Camp projects have their own unique objectives to protect the oceans. The Blue Shark team with their “Ocean Rescue Mission” and “Colors of Ocean Life” projects aim at educating students and instilling them with a love of nature through workshops, ocean drawing contests and garbage cleanups. The Soul of the Sea team has a strong background in Geography and is developing an ambitious project to apply remote GIS sensing to assess the deterioration of the Cham Island reef. Team Three with their “Ecological Footprints” project, held a 21-day summer camp in an entirely ecological marine environment to instill young people with a love of the sea.
DTU awards a prize to the “Applying remote sensing and GIS to assess coral reef decline at Cham Island Marine protected area” project
The camp awarded eight million dong to the two most practical “Ocean Rescue Mission” and “Colors of Ocean Life” projects. “Ecological footprints” and “Applying remote sensing and GIS to assess coral reef decline at Cham Island Marine protected area” were each awarded prizes by the “Work with DTU to protect the Danang Sea” fund, worth $200 each.
Nguyen Ngoc Dan Quyen, a member of the Corallium team, said: “Thanks to Asean Coralranger Project and Coral Summer Camp, I have learned more about coral and how to protect the sea. On behalf of all campers, I would like to thank DTU lecturers for the support they gave us over the last four days.”

As part of the ASEAN Coralranger Project, the 2017 Coral Summer Camp is a project organized by pioneering young people to promote environmental awareness in Vietnam. Campers gained the latest information about coral, ecological life and the essential skills required to organize environmental protection events in Danang.

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