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Structural and Seismic Protection Devices for Bridges and Buildings Seminar

On June 17th, the DTU Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Japanese Kawakin Core-Tech Co., Ltd held a seminar entitled “Structural and Seismic Protection Devices for Bridges and Buildings”. Attendees included Dr. Nguyen The Duong, Dean of the Civil Engineering Faculty; Mr. Javier Lopez Gimenez, Product Developer at Kawakin Core-Tech; and DTU lecturers and students.
Dr. Nguyen The Duong speaking at the event
Dr. Nguyen The Duong said: “Since earthquakes have recently occurred in many countries worldwide, much greater importance has been assigned to vibration control technology, which prevents damages to buildings and bridges. The region where Vietnam is located experiences few earthquakes, but the density and strength of earthquakes is on the rise. Vietnam currently has little experience in earthquake-resistant design and construction The seminar is a great opportunity for DTU students of Civil Engineering to access advanced anti-seismic devices and architectural products manufactured by Kawakin Core-Tech, the leading manufacturer of bearings for bridges -offering expertise in molding and processing technologies, analysis and design.” 
Kawakin Core-Tech is the leading manufacturer of bearings for bridges offering expertise in molding and processing technologies, analysis and design. Founded in 2009 in Japan, Kawakin Core-Tech is engaged in design, manufacture, and sales of civil engineering and architectural products that are mainly for seismic isolation, vibration control, and seismic reinforcement applications for bridges and architecture. In 2008 Kawakin Core-Tech obtained the ISO 9001 Certification for its excellent quality and environmental management in manufacturing and design of devices for bridges and buildings. In 2010 Kawakin Core-Tech opened its representative office in Hanoi, and established a production factory in Hung Yen in 2013. 

At the seminar, Mr. Javier Lopez Gimenez introduced some high-grade seismic protection products, including steel bearings and rubber bearings manufactured by Kawakin Core-Tech. All of Kawakin Core-Tech’s products undergo quality testing in state-of-the-art labs before being installed.  Besides, using advanced technologies, Kawakin Core-Tech’s products have a durability of hundreds of years.  

Mr. Lopez said: ”As earthquakes propagate through the ground, the best method to reduce the effect of earthquakes on a construction is to separate them from the ground. However, as perfect separation is not possible, a special device called base isolator is placed between the construction and the ground. This device has low rigidity, such that it can support large deformations in case of an earthquake, while the structure above only feels minor tremors due to its large inertia. Structural damage and damage to equipment are thus reduced.”

On behalf of the DTU Board of Provosts, Dr. Duong expressed his gratitude to Kawakin Core-Tech Co., Ltd for providing useful information to DTU students of civil engineering. He hoped that Kawakin Core-Tech Co., Ltd would bring in more study and cooperation opportunities for DTU students in the near future. 

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