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DTU Students with “DTU Student Canteen Bestork” Startup Project

With the strong support of the university, a canteen for DTU students at 365 Phan Chu Trinh street, set up by a group of DTU students, officially opened its doors on May 6th.  
The group of DTU students that came up with the “DTU student canteen Bestork” project
It is a novel but no less daring startup idea which the DTU students themselves had when still in the school banks. Recognizing the dearth of corner shops and small restaurants in the area around the 365 Phan Chu Trinh campus, which made it difficult for DTU students to find a place to relax between stressful classroom hours, Tran Dinh Quoc Khanh - and student of class K19DLK3 of the DTU Faculty of Hospitality - and some of his friends came up with the idea to create a canteen for DTU students. Inspired by the stork logo of DTU, they named their canteen Bestork- or also Best Stork, in the meaning of diligent stork. They took the yellow bittern as logo - the Vietnamese name of this bird is “fire stork”, and they wish to “fire” up the DTU students to overcome all the challenges they meet on the bumpy road to success.
The DTU students pose for a picture with their teachers for the grand opening of the canteen
After a time of opinion exchange and debate, Quoc Khanh and his group of friends boldly presented their idea and their aspiration to start the Bestork student canteen to the university Board of Provosts. It received the almost immediate agreement and support of the leaders and the lecturers of DTU. Desiring to encourage students startups at the school, the Board not only agreed to develop the idea, but they also decided to let the students use some infrastructure at the 365 Phan Chu Trinh campus without charge. With such a propitious start, the students only needed a week of passionate work to complete all their preparations and get themselves ready to start operating their Bestork canteen.
People often say that “quality comes at a price”. Nonetheless, at this canteen for DTU students, a steaming bowl of egg noodles or a quality Vietnamese sandwich with grilled and chopped meat can be bought for only 10,000 VND. The canteen was founded by students and is operated to serve student requirements right on the university campus, such that prices are very reasonable while guaranteeing food quality and safety. The menu is diverse, with coffee, milk, drink yogurt, and popular drinks such as peach tea and soda, and also with plates of fruit, Italian ice cream, snacks, and so on - all for 20,000 VND or less. With a friendly atmosphere, eye-catching decoration, and a rich menu, the DTU student canteen Bestork will be suited for group meetings and to hang out with friends. Bestork will furthermore be a venue for students of the school to attend activities and events related to startups, to study, and to exchange.
Once a student of Restaurant and Hotel Management at the DTU Faculty of Hospitality, Quoc Khanh said that, thanks to the experience and knowledge he acquired when studying, he encountered almost no difficulties at all when implementing his idea. “I discovered that many of my friends found the idea of the DTU student canteen Bestork to be interesting, because it carries the image of the school itself,” Quoc Khanh explained. “For the future, I will try my best to build a uniform Bestork network of canteens created by DTU students.”

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