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DTU Gives Robotic Arms to Disabled Students in Quang Nam

Disabled children have often partially or fully lost the use of an arm, which makes their lives extremely difficult. To address this, the Robotica group, from the long-established Center of Electrical Engineering (CEE) at Duy Tan University, created a project named “Robotic Arms for the Disabled”. After four months of dedicated research and development, the group completed their project. Two robotic arms were successfully attached to Phan Trong Hieu and Tran Dang Khoa. 
DTU gives disabled students robotic arms
On March 2nd, the DTU robot arms were taken to the two disabled children. Both are well-mannered and excellent students who have lost the use of their hands since birth. Tran Dang Khoa is in 6th grade at the Nguyen Hue High School in Dai Loc. He has no left hand and always felt insecure in the presence of others. Khoa’s family is poor and couldn’t afford prosthetics for him. 

Phan Trong Hieu, is in the 8th grade at the Nguyen Trai High School, Quang Nam and lost both hands touching an unexploded bomb, which broke his mother’s heart because she knew that her child would never recover. She inventively made a tube of butter punched with holes to hold pens for her boy. However, Hieu’s life and well-being were never been the same and he had not been nearly as happy as he was before.

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