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The DTU Center for Physics Research in the Central Region

Founded two years ago, the DTU Center for Physics - Spectrum and Fluorescent Research Center has made significant progress in theoretical and applied Physics research in the Central Region of Vietnam. Under the direct guidance of Professor Vu Xuan Quang, formerly Vice-Director of the Vietnam Institute of Physics, the Center has attracted many gifted researchers and published important papers in national and international journals.
The Physics Research Center is comprised of some dedicated researchers with PhDs from leading universities in Germany, Japan, Sweden and Russia. The Center has received support from experts of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and other institutions nationwide. Recently, Dr. David Marnix Albrecht Vercauteren, from Belgium, has started working at the Center. He is conducting research in High Energy Physics.

The DTU Center for Physics - Spectrum and Fluorescent Research has already published fifteen articles in international ISI journals, out of the seventy published since 2011. Journals include the Physical Review B, Optical Materials and Physical Status Solid B. DTU researchers are currently working on four Nano metal/materials projects, financed by grants from Nafosted. These include “Properties of Nano-Electronics”, “Dielectric Exciton States”, “Condensed Polaritons” and “Material Systems Under High Pressure”. Recently, at the 39th National Conference on Theoretical Physics, Dr. Phan Van Nham of the DTU Center for Research and Development won the sole award for a young Vietnamese researcher in 2014.

In conjunction with this research, the Center has conducted training and support activities. Currently, six Physics postgraduates who are doing research are being mentored by scientists from the Center, based on the standards of the Vietnam Institute of Physics. One of the foreign postgraduates is Sengthong Bounyavong, from Laos National University. Over the last 3 years, under the guidance researchers at the Center, DTU students have won five second, two third and six consolation prizes in the National Physics Olympiad.
International collaboration in research is now a top priority. The Center is working with experts at several well-known universities and research institutes worldwide. These include Professor YongTak Lee, Director of APRI, at GIST in Korea, Professor Masayuki Nogami, from the Nagoya Technology Institute in Japan, Professor Michel Jouan, of the École Centrale in Paris, France, Eckart Eyser, Director General of TRÉSCOM in Germany, and others in the fields of Sol-gel, Rare Earth, Rare-Earth Doped Glass and others.

Professor Masayuki Nogami said: “We have been working with DTU for two years now and conducted research in Spectrum and Materials science. The state-of-the-art equipment at DTU, such as the Spectrofluorometers and Ramans, has met our international research requirements. Spectrum research has become more important than ever, so DTU’s investment in this field is well justified.”

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