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DTU - Champions of the 2011 I/T GALA

The finals of the 2011 I/T Gala 2011’s final round took place at Danang Polytechnic University on 27th April, 2011, with five team from Duy Tan University, the Polytechnic University, the University of Education and the College of I/T.

There were four sections, which required knowledge of I/T, Telecommunications, Vietnamese history, literature, music, movies and sports. Each team had ten members, studying in the I/T or Telecommunications departments.

A DTU performance at the Gala.
The final round opened with some rousing team performances. Each team had to begin by performing a short play about student life. In the second part, teams had to answer I/T questions. DTU defeated two teams from the Polytechnic University and the University of Education, with excellent scores. In the third part, teams had to guess answers based on pictures or miming of the other teams and, in the fourth part, teams answered questions on history, literature, music, movies and sports.

  DTU wins the 2011 I/T Gala Contest

Eventually, to the cheers of their supporters, DTU won the contest, after three stressful hours. The CIT team from the College of I/T came in second and the other teams won third prize.

This event proved how well I/T training has developed at DTU, hopefully encouraging everyone to do even better in the future

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