The Major of Law

The Major of Law



In contrast to the Economic Law major, the Law major provides general knowledge of the laws of Economics, Finance and Commerce, as well as laws covering family, property, inheritance, crime, environmental protection, contracts, compensation, commercial disputes, complaints, denunciations, criminal investigation, human rights, citizenship, and so on. Students will broaden their reasoning capabilities and the use of persuasive legal terminology to adapt to the types of complex situations they will encounter on graduation.


Duration: 4 years


Working skills


Students will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the law and broaden their professional and English language skills to succeed in internships and future careers. The training program provides practical work experience by providing assignments as legal assistants to corporate consultants and through visit to local businesses/


Career prospects


Graduates will become lawyers, judges, investigators, executors, legal specialists, notaries, lecturers and take other positions, in the government, with the judiciary, or as procurers, in companies, factories, in joint ventures and so on.   

Academic Programs


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