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Overview of Duy Tan University

Campus DTU

Duy Tan University is located on the Pacific Ocean, in the heart of sunny Danang. The university has steadily developed together with the city, which has become a bustling, modern, international metropolis. Founded on November 11th in 1994, Duy Tan University is the first and largest private, multidisciplinary educational institution in Central Vietnam, graduating highly-qualified, internationalized professionals into various lines of local business, to accelerate the modernization of Vietnam.
Over the last 22 years, DTU has made significant advancements in education and has enrolled students in Doctoral courses, 1,200 in 14 postgraduate courses, 70,000 in 22 undergraduate and Associate Bachelor’s Degree programs and 1,400 in vocational programs. 
Duy Tan University offers a wide range of academic programs, including Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Business Management, Construction, Architecture, Medicine, Pharmacology, Literature and Journalism, International Relations, Cultural Tourism and Economic Law. Through its 16 graduate courses, DTU has provided the local labor market with 42,000 graduates and post-graduates so far. Over 89% of graduates are employed immediately, including 100% of those in Software Technology.
With its slogan: "Partnering with Giants”, Duy Tan University has gradually expanded partnerships with many well-known universities around the world. These include Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the top four American universities in IT, Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the top five American public universities and California State University, a public university system in California.
By providing access to internationally standardized curricula, DTU has established programs to help students continue their studies abroad. More choices are now available, such as the 2+2 program (2 years at DTU and 2 years in America), the 1+1+2 program (1 year at DTU and 3 years in America) and the 3+1 program (3 years at DTU and the final one either in Singapore or England). 
In 2014, DTU partnered with Upper Iowa University (UIU) to offer Bachelor degree courses solely at DTU in Danang, with American accredited degrees conferred by UIU. This is one of the key strategies to enhance the quality of education at DTU to adapt to rapidly evolving social requirements.
Over the past 22 years, the quality and quantity of the DTU faculty has steadily improved. Many DTU lecturers graduated from leading universities in the USA, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Korea and Belgium.
Students at Duy Tan University have achieved many special academic accomplishments during their studies:
1. The 2013 CDIO Cup from the CDIO Academy for engineering projects, held at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the U.S.
2. The Asia-Pacific IDEERS Championship in 2014.  
3. A win in the 2016 National Microsoft Imagine Cup. 
4. A win in the 2016 National Go-Green-In-The-City Championship.
5. Fourth place in the 2016 International Information Security Competition, held in Switzerland.
6. Dang Xuan Nam came first in the Loa Thanh Civil Engineering and Architecture tournament in 2010.
7. Eight first prizes, seven second, fourteen third and seven consolation prizes in the National Student Festival of Architecture.
8. Nguyen Thu Quynh won a National award for Female Information Technology students in 2012.
9. The “January Star” Awards organized by the Vietnamese Student Association.
10. Ta Ba Thanh Huy won first prize in the 2008 National Informatics College Olympiad.
11. Many other awards in the National Mathematics, Informatics and Physics College Olympiads.
12. Third place and a prize for the Best Design of Robots in the 2014 ROBOCON Vietnam Innovation Competition.
13.  Nguyen Anh Tuan won first prize and Tran Dong a third in the 2014 and 2015 Computer Fireworks Competitions.
Twenty-two years of development and dedication have provided a solid foundation for DTU to establish a reputation of combining knowledge and cooperation, resulting in an increasing number of new opportunities for students. Impressive accomplishments have been made along the way, including medals, emulation banners and distinguished awards from the State president, the Prime Minister, the Minister of MOET and the Chairperson of the Danang People’s Committee. This recognition has motivated DTU faculty and staff in their continuing quest to cultivate and educate, and many anticipated and other achievements have been accomplished. The early ambitions of its founders, combined with the dedication and hard work of all, now guarantee a bright future for DTU.
In keeping the motto: “We Do Everything for Student Rights and Future Careers”, together with the mission: “To educate global citizens with solid knowledge and skills, patriotism, morals, good community spirit and good health, in an adaptable work environment”, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Provost and President, has inspired everyone at DTU to work harder for the future of DTU.
 Overview of Duy Tan University
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