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Big Scholarships for High-Scoring Applicants in 2020

With the arrival of 2020, the enrollment season is almost upon us.
TS Lê Nguyên B?o - Hi?u tru?ng ÐH Duy Tân trao H?c b?ng  cho sinh viên d?t di?m cao xét tuy?n vào tru?ng
DTU Provost Dr Le Nguyen Bao awarding scholarships to high-scoring applicants
In addition to enrollment information, parents and students also pay special attention to universities’ scholarship policies. For its 2020 enrollment season, DTU continues providing attractive scholarships with total value of tens of billions dong to applicants who are admitted to the university.
Scholarships for overseas programs and advanced and international programs
With its dynamic and modern study environment and its quality training programs with international accreditation (such as ABET), DTU always enjoys parents’ trust and attracts a great many applicants year after year. Among the large number of training programs on offer at DTU,
- the overseas programs (whether held abroad or On-Site Study-Abroad) and
- the advanced and international programs
These programs provide students with an opportunity to experience and acquire advanced knowledge from countries with well-developed educational systems.
To implement these program, DTU worked with many universities all over the world, and especially in the US, such as:
with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the four leading universities in IT in the US (according to U.S. News 2020) for the programs
- Information Security (Network Security) at CMU standard, major code 7480202; 116 (CMU);
- Software Engineering at CMU standard, major code 7480103; 102 (CMU);
- Management Information Systems at CMU standard, major code 7340405; 410 (CMU);
with Pennsylvania State University (PSU), one of the fifty leading universities in economics and business administration in the US (according to U.S. News 2020) for the programs.
- Business Administration at PSU standard, major code 7340101; 400 (PSU);
- Accounting and Auditing at PSU standard, major code 7340301; 405 (PSU);
- Finance and Banking at PSU standard, major code 7340201; 404 (PSU);
with California State University (CSU) Fullerton and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, leading US universities in construction and architecture (fifth in the US) for the programs
- Architecture at CSU standard, major code 7580101; 107 (CSU);
- Civil and Industrial Construction at CSU standard, major code 7580201; 105 (CSU);
with Purdue University (PNU), one of the ten leading university networks in technology and engineering in the US, for the programs
- Mechatronics at PNU standard, major code 7510301; 112 (PNU);
- Electrical Engineering at PNU standard, major code 7510301; 113 (PNU);
- ON-SITE STUDY-ABROAD: collaboration with Troy University and Keuka College for
- Business Administration (KEUKA),
- Tourism & Hospitality Management (TROY),
- Information Technology (TROY).
DTU also signed agreements with many other universities to allow its students to study abroad, such as
- Purdue University (Indiana, near Chicago),
- Appalachian State University (North Carolina)
- Medaille College (New York),
- Coventry University (UK),
- Cape Breton University (Canada),
- Lorain County Community College (Ohio),
- Green River College (Washington).
Most applicants for these programs have very high High School Graduation Examination (HSGE) scores, such as:
- Tran Phan Quang Duc (26.9/30) received a full scholarship for Software Engineering with the On-Site Study-Abroad program for US degree,
? Nguyen Thi Vang (25.75/30) received a full scholarship for the advanced and international Tourism & Hospitality Management program,
? Vo Thi Hoai Tram (26.5/30) received a full scholarship from Bachelor to PhD,
? Nguyen Thi Thanh (28.25/30) received a full scholarship for an On-Site Study-Abroad program,
? Huynh Tan Dung (26.75/30) received a full scholarship for CMU standard Software Engineering,
? Le Thi Thu Ngan (28.5/30) received a full scholarship for an On-Site Study-Abroad program,
- Tran Thu Ha (27/30) received a full scholarship for an On-Site Study-Abroad program.
DTU continues awarding many scholarships with high value to encourage applicants in 2020, including:
- 50 full and partial scholarship with total value over 18 billion VND for successful applicants for the On-Site Study-Abroad programs for US degree,
- 65 full scholarship (100% of tuition fees throughout the course) for applicants in any major of the advanced and international programs in collaboration with CMU, PSU, CSU, or PNU and who have three-subject HSGE scores of 22.5 or higher,
- 45 scholarships from businesses and US universities worth ten to twenty million VND each, and 50 DTU scholarships worth five million VND each for advanced and international programs.
Talent program scholarships
In 2018, DTU officially added Talent Program scholarships to its incredible scholarship “portfolio”. These programs are aimed at high-scoring applicants to train talent for our country and to train students at international standards who can confidently integrate into the global job market. Students of these programs will receive comprehensive training both to fully master their specialization and to have an outstanding level in informatics and English, in addition to soft skills, especially thinking, creativity, and strategic vision.
Ðông d?o thí sinh d?n ÐH Duy Tân dang ký nh?p h?c vào mùa tuy?n sinh
A great many applicants sign up for enrollment at DTU
In particular, not only domestic students but also a great many students from other countries, such as the US, Zimbabwe, South Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Laos, choose to pursue Talent programs. In the most recent enrollment season of 2019, DTU welcomed over seventy students from Laos, Myanmar, and the Philippines for its Talent programs.
For the 2020 enrollment season, DTU continues awarding:
- 45 full scholarships (100% of tuition fees throughout the course) and 45 partial scholarships (50% of tuition fees throughout the course) for Vietnamese students
- 45 full scholarships and 90 partial scholarships for international students
Transcript-based admissions: Opening the door to university with many attractive scholarships:
The transcript-based admission formula has shown its advantages, as it reduces the pressure on applicants during their examinations and offers many chances to choose a major and a school based on an objective and comprehensive evaluation of the applicant (through early enrollment and interviews probing for abilities). This is why, ever since the transcript-based admission formula was introduced in 2014, the number of applicants signing up for DTU through this formula has always been large and stable through the years.
With transcript-based admissions, DTU proposes many subject sets for each major to help applicants select the subjects they have the best results for to be considered during enrollment, so as to proactively take their enrollment chances into their own hands. Early transcript-based application increases the chances of admission to one’s preferred major and opens the possibility to obtain one of the DTU scholarships:
- 700 scholarships for successful transcript-based applicants to the regular university programs at DTU in 2020 worth from 500,000 VND to 2 million VND each.
In addition to transcript-based admissions, applicants with HSGE scores three or more points higher than the admission minimum can obtain a DTU scholarship worth from 1 to 5 million VND.
The university also offers first-year tuition fee reduction scholarships from 10% to 15% for majors such as:
? Road & Bridge Construction,
? Construction Engineering Management,
? Environmental Technology and Engineering,
? Natural Resources & Environmental Management,
? Literature & Journalism,
? Architecture,
? Interior Design,
? Embedded Systems,
? Corporate Finance,
? Multimedia Communications,
? General Nursing.
- Top 500 of best Asian universities according to 2020 QS ranking
- Second university in Vietnam to obtain American ABET accreditation
- Third out of eight Vietnamese universities in the URAP ranking
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