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Thousands of Job Opportunities at the 2024 DTU Career Week

On June 18, DTU and over 130 businesses jointly held the 2024 Career Week, providing students in Da Nang with great opportunities to actively choose jobs that match their abilities and passions.
The 2024 Career Week takes place over two days:
- On June 18: for students in the health sciences, economics, and information technology sectors to find jobs and orient their future careers.
- On June 20: for students in tourism, foreign languages, humanities, and law sectors.
Over 130 domestic and foreign businesses participated in the event, offering more than 5,500 job opportunities from HA Medical Group, CPC1 Hanoi, Vietnam Airline Training Center, Saigontourist Da Nang - Hue, and Danang Marriott Resort & Spa and others. 
Hàng ngàn co h?i vi?c làm t?i Tu?n l? vi?c làm cho sinh viên Ðà N?ng
Students in Da Nang attended the Career Week to seek guidance and opportunities for their future careers. Photo: Nguyen Linh
"From the very first day of its establishment, DTU set up an Employment Promotion Center to support students in securing employment even while they are still in school. For the past 30 years, we have created opportunities for students to meet with and understand the business environment," said Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice -Provost.
In addition to recruitment activities, the 2024 Career Week also featured the signing of collaboration agreements with numerous businesses, career counseling sessions, and workshops on the skills that companies seek in candidates.
Hàng ngàn co h?i vi?c làm t?i Tu?n l? vi?c làm cho sinh viên Ðà N?ng
DTU signs agreement with many businesses. Photo: Nguyen Linh
The 2024 Career Week is an annual event, serving as a bridge between domestic and foreign businesses and a large number of students, facilitating the recruitment of human resources. 
It is also an excellent opportunity for students to actively select jobs that match their abilities and passions, providing them with a comprehensive overview of the labor market and highlighting priority job positions within businesses.
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