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DTU Ranked in the Top 7% of the World Best Value University Rankings 2024 for International Students

The Study Abroad Aide (SAA) has recently released the 2024 World Best Value University Rankings for International Students. Vietnam boasts 72 universities on this list. Among them, DTU was ranked within the top 500+ globally (specifically at position 543), placing it in the Top 7% worldwide. 
Studying abroad is an essential part of education, sought after by many students for knowledge accumulation and job opportunities. However, it's not always easy to clearly understand the various universities around the world to make an informed decision about studying abroad. To address this, Study Abroad Aide has collected and analyzed data from 8,032 universities across 69 countries to compile a ranking of the best value universities for international students.
Top 6 tru?ng ÐH c?a Vi?t Nam có t? l? % cao theo Study Abroad Aide (SAA)
The top 6 Vietnamese universities with the highest rankings according to Study Abroad Aide (SAA) 
This year's ranking by Study Abroad Aide (SAA) focuses on addressing the practical needs of international students by offering objective insights into universities worldwide from various perspectives such as performance, value, and affordability. The aim is to provide international students with opportunities to gain excellent academic experience at a fair price.
Since 2021, as the world’s leading database of universities and colleges, has been gathering information from universities and colleges to build an accurate database of institutions worldwide. Study Abroad Aide ranked all universities around the world based on two metrics: 
- Academic Reputation, which accounts for 75% of the evaluation, and 
- Affordability, which makes up 25%. 
This approach helps ensure that the rankings offer a balanced view of both the quality of education and the economic accessibility of universities for students from various backgrounds.
The StudyAbroadAide Database Team collects the following information:
- Official University Website
- Location
- University Type
- Admission pages
- Tuition fees
- Required English Proficiency Test Scores
- Several courses offered for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
To provide an accurate platform to aspiring international students, the database team uses various factors in ranking institutions, specifically:
Reputation: To measure academic reputation, the database team collected the world rankings of each university from well-known and credible institution ranking bodies, such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings, and U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges.
International Student Body: The number of international student enrollments per year will gauge how easily adaptable the university’s approach is for international students despite their differing races, backgrounds, and culture.
Total Enrollment: 
The total enrollment numbers are composed of all students, including domestic and international students. It reflects the university’s quality, as students are intrinsically attracted to prestigious and reputable institutions. It is based on the fact that top-performing educational institutions produce high enrollment rates. 
Over the years, DTU has established itself as a prestigious educational institution, attracting a large number of international students for regular degree programs and various exchange and cultural interaction programs. Currently, the university has: 
- 55 students from the UK, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, and India enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs.
- 38 students from Dong-A University and Yeungnam University in South Korea; University of Jember in Indonesia; and Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Germany participating in student exchange programs, from 6 months to a year.
- 60 students from Sun Moon University in South Korea participating in the 'Green Steps' program and academic exchanges, with an additional 24 students expected to join the program in July 2024.
- 240 students from Singapore Polytechnic in Singapore engaging in the 'Learning Express. 
- 33 students from Queensland University of Technology in Australia and Incheon National University in South Korea attending academic and cultural exchange programs at DTU. 
- Hundreds of students from ASEAN countries visit DTU annually for tours and academic exchanges through the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) program.
72 Vietnamese universities on the list:  
Duy Tân trong Top 7% ÐH giá tr? t?t nh?t th? gi?i cho SV qu?c t? 2024
Duy Tân trong Top 7% ÐH giá tr? t?t nh?t th? gi?i cho SV qu?c t? 2024
Duy Tân trong Top 7% ÐH giá tr? t?t nh?t th? gi?i cho SV qu?c t? 2024
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