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DTU Students Win Many Awards at 30th National Student Mathematics Olympiad

The 30th National Student Mathematics Olympiad, hosted by DTU, provided an exciting intellectual arena and marked new records in the history of Vietnam’s Mathematics Olympiads. Among record-high participation, the DTU math team achieved impressive results with one second, two third, and one consolation prize.
The closing ceremony for the 30th National Student Mathematics Olympiad with numerous awards and new records was held on April 13 at DTU. The nationwide senior high school category this year was held online with onsite supervision from March 15-17, while the university category was held in-person at DTU from April 8-13. The university category saw participation from 95 universities and institutes - about 20% of universities in Vietnam. A total of 699 university students sat 807 algebra and calculus tests, divided into two categories, A and B, with 36 and 59 institutions respectively. Nearly two hundred supporting lecturers joined in Danang. The high school category counted four hundred students from 46 schools. These are record numbers in the history of the Olympiad.
N? sinh duy nh?t gi?t gi?i d?c bi?t Olympic Toán h?c toàn qu?c 2024
The organizers awarded eleven special prizes at the closing ceremony
Eleven of the contestants set down particularly notable results: they had the highest score in one subject in their respective categories or came first in both algebra and calculus. This group counts one female student and includes students from institutions across all three regions of the country. Over three decades, the National Student Mathematics Olympiad has fulfilled its main objectives of finding and nurturing students with a passion for mathematics and fostering this passion among university students and senior high school students.
At the closing ceremony, the organizers awarded the following prizes:
? In the high school category with four hundred contestants:
a total of 42 first, 59 second, 88 third, and 32 consolation prizes.
? In the university category, with nearly four hundred contestants in each subject:
algebra: 36 first, 72 second, 93 third, and 21 consolation prizes;
calculus: 37 first, 72 second, 93 third, and 20 consolation prizes.
DTU students’ efforts earned them major awards:
? second prize in calculus: Tran Huy from of class K28-TPM1
? third prize in calculus: Phan Van Sinh of K28-CMU TPM13
? third prize in calculus: Ho Dang Quynh of K28-TPM7
? consolation prize: Vu Ngoc Anh Tuan of K28-CMU TPM8
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u Gi?i thu?ng t?i Olympic Toán h?c Sinh viên và H?c sinh l?n th? 30
The DTU team won numerous awards
This achievement is a source of pride not only for the DTU students but for the entire university. DTU provides optimal conditions for students to demonstrate their spirit and creativity in national competitions like the Mathematics Olympiad. This success is also thanks to investment and care from lecturers and the university.
“This was the first time I took part in the Mathematics Olympiad, and I’m very happy with my results,” second-prize winner in calculus Tran Huy is delighted with his achievement. “To prepare for the competition, I spent a lot of time reviewing and researching new knowledge. The university library at the Quang Trung campus was an ideal review place for me, offering a comfortable space for studying and an abundance of slap-up resources from Vietnam and abroad, in both Vietnamese and English. My achievements are not only the result of my own efforts, but are also thanks to the inspiration and passion for mathematics the lecturers at DTU instilled in me.
“The competition also brought me many wonderful memories and provided opportunities to meet and interact with many people sharing my passion. I hope that even more students will participate in future Math Olympiads and help promote and develop the mathematics movement as best as possible.”
Vietnam Mathematical Society Vice Chairman and Secretary General Assoc.Prof. Dr Doan Trung Cuong, Head of the Organizing Committee for this 30th Olympiad, recommended at the award ceremony that: “In a variety uniforms, the bright, intelligent faces from across the country gathered here today represent the thousands of students at their schools. Now and in the future, you study and work in hundreds and thousands of different fields, but you all have your qualities and a passion for mathematics. I believe that your knowledge of mathematics and this passion will be truly advantageous in your careers and in your lives.
“After your teachers equipped you with knowledge of mathematics, the next question is how to use this knowledge. With a wide-open future in an era of rapid development in science & technology, and especially in digital technology, I believe each of you will find your own answers. I wish you may confidently apply mathematics to your fields, become ambassadors for mathematics in your communities, and always keep the beautiful memories of April at DTU in the lovely city of Danang.”
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