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DTU Graduate Researches Precious Fungi, Presents a Q1 Paper and a Poster at the Mycology Conference

Le Nguyen Gia Thi has a passion for biotechnology, and successfully defended her graduation thesis “Application of ITS molecular markers to identify pathogenic fungi on Cordyceps militaris.” Gia Thi and her DTU colleagues then published a paper entitled: “First report of emerging fungal pathogens of Cordyceps militaris in Vietnam,” in the  International Nature Portfolio Journal of Scientific Reports, which was ranked Q1, with an impact factor of 4.6. They also won the Most Outstanding Poster award at the 5th National Conference on Mycology, held in Hanoi on November 26.
A young woman overcomes difficulties, and develops a passion researching precious fungi
Nghiên c?u n?m quý, sinh viên Duy Tân t?t nghi?p v?i bài báo Q1 cùng 'Poster Xu?t s?c' t?i H?i ngh? v? N?m
Gia Thi’s paper in Nature Portfolio journal Scientific Reports (Q1, IF = 4.6)
“During the delay in my studies, I did many new jobs that I had never done before, including a nanny for foreign families, house rentals on AirBnb, and Assistant Director for a foreign company,” explained Gia Thi. “Although it wasn’t easy work, my immediate goal motivated me to overcome all difficulties. When I returned to class, my colleagues had already graduated, which discouraged me. I often felt like giving up, but the love and support I received from my family and close friends strengthened me.”
“I decided to study Biotechnology at DTU because I found the environment was more advanced there, because I was able to participate in research projects at all levels, under experienced lecturers. This was a vital stage in my education, which gave me timely access to modern research methods and gradually taught me how to author a complete scientific paper to progress to the stage I’m at today.”
Graduating with an Q1 ranked paper published in a famous international journal
In 2023, Gia Thi was one of the many students in DTU’s first ever Biotechnology class to successfully defend her graduation thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, a researcher who was with her to receive her diploma, and staff from the Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering of the DTU College of Medicine & Pharmacy (CMP). Dr. Trung was the creator of the “Household-scale caterpillar fungus farming cabinet,” which won first prize at the 2022 Danang Startup & Innovation Festival.
Nghiên c?u n?m quý, sinh viên Duy Tân t?t nghi?p v?i bài báo Q1 cùng 'Poster Xu?t s?c' t?i H?i ngh? v? N?m
Gia Thi receives the Most Outstanding Poster award
“Domestic cultivation of the medicinal caterpillar fungus is developing at a very fast pace,” explained Gia Thi, “but it faces serious infections from certain parasitic fungi that affect productivity and quality, causing significant losses for growers. No research has been done so far to isolate and identify the strains of the pathogenic fungi, and no effective prevention measures exist. I decided to find out the exact names of the pathogens and then look for an effective prevention method.” This led to the identification of  two harmful agents, both parasitic fungi, namely:
- Calcarisporium cordycipiticola NT1504
- Lecanicillium corprophilum WF2611
With their strong spore-formation and because of their close genetic relationship with their Cordyceps militaris fungal host, these parasitic fungi spread and infect their hosts extremely rapidly. In only a brief time, they can infect an entire area, requiring complete crop destruction and causing great economic hardship.
Nghiên c?u n?m quý, sinh viên Duy Tân t?t nghi?p v?i bài báo Q1 cùng 'Poster Xu?t s?c' t?i H?i ngh? v? N?m
“This is the first study in the country to isolate and identify pathogenic fungi on caterpillar fungus and it’s also the first study in the world to show that L. corprophilum is capable of parasitizing a host and causing disease,” said Dr Nguyen Thanh Trung. “Our results will now encourage us and other scientists worldwide to continue researching effective methods to prevent and treat dangerous pathogenic parasitic agents in caterpillar fungus, and contribute to the sustainable development of the farming of this precious medicinal fungus.
“Currently, the DTU Biotechnology major continues to warrant attention and investment from the university Board of Provosts, who hope to attract more PhDs from developed countries and then make additional investments in the latest teaching and research equipment. Meanwhile, the university allows its staff and students to attend training courses and special conferences and seminars in Vietnam and abroad, to meet other researchers in same fields This motivates us to continuing to focus on research projects with both academic and practical, to enhance our reputation and to professional manpower in the Biotechnology field in Central Vietnam and elsewhere.”
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